Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage to British Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders and the Couple are Expecting a Child Together

JAW. DROP. Like, all the way from the top of the Empire State Building to the bottom of 32nd street in seconds kind of drop. Breaking news out of K-ent and what a way to reveal it all himself – Song Joong Ki has announced his marriage AND first child at the same time via a handwritten message to his fan club. The actor revealed that he has registered his marriage to Katy Louise Saunders, a former actress and his girlfriend since the two went public last month. They have reportedly been dating for two years since she worked as his English tutor on the set of Vincenzo and since she was a former actress then the press revealed her name as she’s a public figure as well. Song Joong Ki also announced that the couple are welcoming a new life together, i.e. has a baby. No word on when the baby will arrive but this is wholly shocking news since she didn’t look pregnant at all in the paparazzi photos taken of them in November when he was in Singapore to promote Reborn Rich and returned to Seoul with her. Nevertheless, a big congrats to the happy couple, I could care less whether they are suited for each other based on rando opinions on the web, both are adults so ahead and make their own decisions.

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C-netizens Unanimously Excoriate C-actor Zhang Yu Jian as He and C-actress Wife Janice Wu Confirm Divorce a Year After Valentine’s Day Announcement of Marriage

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Singer Jay Chou and Model-Actress Wife Hannah Quinlivan are Expecting Third Child After Earlier Rumors Start When She’s Spotting Concealing Her Stomach

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