New Mon-Tues Dramas Radio Romance on KBS and tvN Cross Premieres in Weak Time Slot

There were two new K-dramas that hit the air this Monday and it felt more like a tinkle than a splash. KBS premiered workplace rom-com Radio Romance to 5.5% ratings, on par for lightweight romance dramas these days, while the other newcomer in tvN‘s Cross fared much better with 3.877% ratings which is a high premiere on a cable network. It’s the last week airing of SBS┬ádrama Doubtful Victory and the penultimate episode took in 7.1% and 8.1% ratings, and next week comes mature romance Shall We Kiss First with Kam Woo Sung, Kim Sun Ah, Oh Ji Ho and Park Shi Yeon which I already predict will take the lion’s share of viewers angling for a romance drama over Radio Romance. After MBC wrapped Two Cops the network isn’t airing a new drama until after the Olympics with The Great Seducer in the Mon-Tues timeslot, and this week the network is airing re-runs of classic medical Hallyu hit White Tower. Overall ratings remain down as January wraps up. As for Radio Romance, I watched the first episode and don’t have an opinion yet, it feels like only setup and I’m not sure how the OTP relationship will develop and whether I will buy into it.


New Mon-Tues Dramas Radio Romance on KBS and tvN Cross Premieres in Weak Time Slot — 20 Comments

  1. I love kim so hyun’s character in radio romance, I know the ratings won’t go beyond 10% but its a light romance after all so let’s just enjoy the fun time and use it to erase her last stupid ruler character from our memory.

    • That’s what I did for Yoo Seung Ho with INAR.

      Romcoms that aren’t also thrillers or melo don’t tend to do that well ratings-wise which I guess is why it was a big deal for Fight My Way to be a success last year. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be good.

      • Gah, it makes me sad that lighter rom-coms don’t get good or even decent ratings anymore because I’m worried we’ll be seeing less and less of them in the next few years. They are still my favorite genre of kdramas to this day but Koreans’ TV viewing tastes have changed in the last few years which is understandable.

        Hopefully korean TV networks try to find writers that make the genre more fresh and appealing for current korean audiences instead of producing them in fewer and fewer amounts.

  2. It was a battle to watch Radio Romance, I couldn’t stop my brain thinking how young looks KSH and can’t just profit of the story that seems to be nice. For now, I think will test next episode because I like the other actors.

    • Yes, and not just any old re-run either. It has been remastered and everything, and I hope it finds a new appreciation by the younger crowd.

      • If we take into consideration that its a 10 year old drama, but is getting 5% ratings vs Radio Romance at 5.2%, then its doing better than. I guess its good thing for MBC. Radio Romance is okayish but lacks the pull and both leads are strong with the younger demo but still lacks the pull to bring in older audiences, which is needed for a ratings breakthrough.

  3. Radio Romance seems like standard stuff but the drama set up the characters and I find myself happy that the setting isn’t a law firm or hospital so I’m gonna give it a go. I Am Not A Robot finished its run and Just Between Lovers is almost done so I need something to try out anyway.

  4. Shall We Kiss First will premier 20 Feb after Olympic, it means radio romance is the only one running in the time slot.

    To be fair, INAR was up against 3 dramas – Prison play book – 10%, Black Night 10%, Juggle vs Judge 8%

    • Its going up against two very strong dramas that are already well loved and liked. Remastered rerun of White Tower and reruns of Return. Its enough that Radio Romance is pulling in the ratings its pulling. The competition is tough.

  5. I probably marathon Radio Romance after a few episodes in, it will be a light & easy watch I think. In the meantime, I am more looking forward to the Winter Olympic after the Australian Open is finished ­čÖé

  6. I need some light hearted fluff after INAR ended so I want to give RR a chance but I’m not sure I will stick around for the romance.

    I’ve been reading that the premiere of Cross was really good, anyone watch it? What were your impressions?

  7. RR will fall down even farther. cross will hit 8% before it all over. korean love their revenge drama.
    good for JSM her drama is doing well.

  8. My main thing is actually his hair color lol He’s shooting a sageuk within the drama with red hair? Him wearing a hat does not hide it. LJG always has different hair colors btw dramas but always goes back to black especially for a sageuk. I just thought that was weird.

    • @koalaellememe @aomer – Why do you change your name? Too embarrass to face your own comments?? You need to hide yourself? You are the evil one here, sucker!!!

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