Popular Drama Costars Mark Chao and Yang Mi Shine in Red for H&M’s New Lunar New Year Collection

I have a toothache watching this but I still want moar, lol that is the power of combining Mark Chao and Yang Mi in any setting nowadays. The very popular (one their own) leads of the C-drama version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossom (Eternal Love) were paired back up this month by global retailer H&M to model their Lunar New Year inspired collection in stores just in time for the ramp up to the holiday which in 2018 is on Friday February 16th.

The collection is all red with black and white accents but actually looks quite wearable in real life even outside of wearing red for the holiday. Even better is the selection of bran couple in Mark and Yang Mi, giving the leads another chance to impress upon audiences that they have incredibly natural and potent chemistry onscreen and off screen, but now I’m even more worried that they will do another drama and movie again not because I don’t want it but because it has to be worthy of their coupling up like how epic and awesome the drama version of Three Lives was. Until then stay adorable my pretties!

Yang Mi and Mark Chao for H&M:


Popular Drama Costars Mark Chao and Yang Mi Shine in Red for H&M’s New Lunar New Year Collection — 20 Comments

    • yeah… isn’t it great that the Higher Power is watching over us? I am so thankful to Ms Koala for cleaning up there 🙂 We need more critical thinkers, we can disagree, but we do not need repeating babbles… lol…

      • Yeah, ’anon’ was completely delulu. I thought I was too harsh but actually, I’m just a realistic commenter and critical thinker (sometimes I go overboard, but not as bad as ’anon’) 🙂

      • Ms Koala has been removing nonsense comments from @Anon & @Anonymous. Most recent removal is today from Lee Se Young’s article. Thank you!!

  1. nice looking clothes but my trouble with H&M is its material quality, it is ok if I only want to wear it for one or two occasions as long as I don’t wash the outfit… hahaha…

  2. I pray that they will team up for another drama sooon; but ok if they take time to find great script – I will wait for this reunion.

  3. Awww when perfect couple unite they have best chemistry together and sure they can act . More colaboration more dramas more and more

  4. Did you see their interviews? They are still adorable and have so much chemistry
    I’m praying they will work together in another drama soon
    And I need whatever YM is wearing here

  5. They are my number one priority couple in any movie or drama. Pray, they would pair off again in anything especially another drama. Their chemistry is very much alive ..

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