First Look at Jo In Sung as the Rugged General Protecting Gorguyeo in K-movie Ansi Fortress

Oooooh, me likey scruffy period attire Jo In Sung! The actor hasn’t been in the spotlight much this past year and turns out he’s been filming the period K-movie Ansi Fortress which has wrapped and is in post-production for a second half 2018 premiere in theaters. He plays General Yang Man Chun, a famed Gorguyeo commander of the titular Ansi Fortress located on the border with the Tang dynasty. He is credited for protecting the fall of the Gorguyeo dynasty from the invading forces of the Tang by holding down Ansi Fortress. The movie is a battle heavy action film with Jo In Sung donning the battle armor of the famed general, and turns out Nam Joo Hyuk has a supporting role and I didn’t know until I saw his pictures behind Jo In Sung above. This will be Jo In Sung’s second period movie after he went all clean cut pretty boy in A Frozen Flower, and honestly I love this weathered smexy look way better.


First Look at Jo In Sung as the Rugged General Protecting Gorguyeo in K-movie Ansi Fortress — 22 Comments

  1. I don’t know why but I probably am one of the few who feels that his look does not fit period/sageuk theme. He has that very modern look in him. And well, when is he going to return to dramaland? I want a reunion with Ha Ji Won or Kim Ah Joong. But he’s been doing well in Chungmuro, I think he may stay there longer.

    • I think Jo In-Sung is one of the few actors who can carry off any kind of look. Modern or historical, he does an amazing job of getting under the skin of the character. I loved him as Oh Soo in That Winter the Wind Blows and he blew me away as Hong Rim in A Frozen Flower. I’m now going to watch It’s Okay That’s Love.

    • lol hahahahaha man its been 10 years already…let it go.If you go through the filmography of most of these veteran actors, you will see at some point, they have done a sexual explicit scene before.Even young actors like Kang Ha Neul and Kang Ha Na.Watch Empire of lust. Kdrama is heavily censored, that’s why I roll my eyes when they make a 20/30+ actor/actress couple do a kiss scene like they have been electrocuted.

      But on a seriously, Jo In Sung is long overdue for a drama.Its been four years already.I miss him on the small screen.Unlike Hyun Bin who was probably traumatised by the epic flop drama, his last appearance in kdramaland wasnt bad.In fact, it brought out his acting chops.He had super electric chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin.

    • Lame?? I don’t really understand people who get shocked and can’t get over someone else’s nudity or nude scenes? I mean, I’ve seen many actors doing nude and sex scenes but I still see them same way. I’m not fazed by even Michael Fassbender’s hard core fucking scenes in that one film with Carey Mulligan. I’ve seen Marion Cotillard, Adele Exarchopoulos nude multiple times. I even watched that pointless film Caligula which has Helen Mirren in it lol. Lupita Nyong’o had brutal nude scenes in 12 Years A Slave too but I don’t see her any differently??
      I’ve seen Kim Min Hee, Kim Taeri, Ha Jung Woo, Kim Go Eun, Park Hae Il, Lee Yoo Young etc nude but I don’t have any particular feelings about it.. It’s completely normal in Korean cinema to have nude scenes. In Korean dramas you will only see deer in headlights kiss scenes and ’innocent’ back hugs and hand holding but Korean films go all the way with their nudity in films. I don’t understand how some people still get shocked because of that..
      I guess it’s normal for me because I don’t think nudity or sex are taboos at all. I do, however, think pointless nudity scenes for the sake of sensationalism are unnecessary. I believe that a dedicated and a good actor will play many different kinds of roles that may even include nudity because that is real life and art imitates real life

      • Sorry that our opinion differ from yours. Growing up in Asia, I could hardly tolerate nudity and explicit sex scenes. I know they are actors and they are dedicated to their crafts but nudity and sex not something I can digest easily. I am aware that korean cinemas featured a lot of nudity and sex scenes and for that reason I avoided watching K-movies. Sorry to say, some K-movies do not really require hardcore sex and nudity but they still featured them. I grew up watching HK movies and actress like Maggie Cheung still stand today as a great actress with numerous acclaims under her belt without ever doing nudity and hardcore sex. And there’s Cate Blanchett, one of the greatest actress of her generation and she did not have those under her credits. I am not opposed of the actors willing to strip and straddling for the cameras but sorry, no matter how I can differentiate arts and reality, it is still something I hardly feel ok with. I still see JIS and SJH differently.

      • Different cultural backgrounds/beliefs perhaps? I think there is a way of saying one’s opinion without sounding so condescending. Your tone betrays your supposed open mindedness.

      • @Alexa I’m Singaporean actually so I grew up in a Asian household too. I probably misunderstood your and Dobby’s tone because most people who are shocked over nude scenes are also the same people who hate on actors, especially female actors when they do nude scenes. They say the same thing; that they can’t see the actress r actor in the same way anymore or that they lose respect for actors after they see their nude scenes. I’m glad you’re able to see that it’s actors profession.

        @Jushi, I’m openminded, but after seeing so much hate especially against actresses when they did sex scenes in movies, I’m bit on the edge when I see comments like this. I fully accept that not everybody is comfortable about watching nudity, which probably stem from their own repressed sexuality and a conservative environment they grew up in. I’m not comfortable either if it’s unnecessary and excessive so I’m not completely desensitized either. I just wish people understood that it’s their job and it doesn’t make these actors ’sluts’ or something.

      • @prettyautumn you’re right actually. Some of the most critically acclaimed films of all time involve nudity and sex, and if someone uses their ‘culture’ as an excuse to clutch their pearls, see nothing else about the performance, and claim that they are incapable of separating the actors’ future work from that one scene ten years ago, then I must say I, as a fellow Asian, find that mentality ridiculous too.

        I mean, look at Maribel Verdu – are we supposed to be unable to watch her in Pan’s Labyrinth (one of my all time favourite films btw) just because she had nude/sex scenes in the award-winning Y Tu Mama Tambien? Do they see nothing else about that (brilliant) film? What about her costars, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, are people unable to watch them in films like The Motorcycle Diaries or Rogue One because they did nudity in other films? Or Diego’s costar and lead of Rogue One, Oscar nominee Felicity Jones – she did a nude scene in some film once, does that mean her talent is invalidated or lessened somehow? Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar winner, has spoken about how her nude scenes in her upcoming film were important and empowering to her because it was for her craft and by her choice – are people going to have a problem with that too?

        It’s time for people to grow up and stop pretending that actors are somehow tainted by having done nudity for work. You just make yourselves look petty and immature.

      • what I find odd is why do these people watch Frozen Flower if they cannot tolerate nudity & sex scenes? It is classified as an Exotic Historical Film… lol…

      • Explicit scenes in Frozen Flower is significant to the storyline. There wouldn’t be a movie without those scenes. Those scenes are an integral part of the film. That is why as an audience, we only feel the passion and quiet love that grows between the queen and Hong Lim. I hate watching some American films and series where they only add nudity to sell. I loved the intimate scenes in Frozen Flower mostly because it was so well embedded into the story.

    • I actually think Nam Joo Hyuk fits sageuk in terms of aesthetic.If only he knew how to act.tsk tsk..what a waste of visuals

      • Honestly, what does this even mean? I’m genuinely curious, not trying to argue.

        How does a person’s face “fit” saeguk visuals? Is it based on what Koreans used to look like back during that time period or what is it based on? I’ve always found these type of statements very odd but I do want to understand the rationale behind them.

  2. Gosh i loved Jo In Sung in Frozen flower. Nude scenes werent that excessive. Gay scenes were a lit too much for me but i understand slaves were like that in old time. So i am totally okay with it.

  3. He’s super sexy not only bc of his appearance but that he has this vibe to him like he doesn’t care what you think of him. He and KNG has this vibe to them. Honestly, this sounds disrespectful but I’m so tired of the prudes who constantly say they can’t see an actor a certain way due to X being in an explicit scene. As an actor, you should be able to play whatever character you feel is interesting to you. Please practice being more open minded, you can’t use the “oh I was raised in this environment, therefore i hold these beliefs” forever. It’s sad and not a way to live really.

  4. I guess I have the right to say what I think or feel as everyone else so, I don’t have any repressed with my sexuality, but yes I’m a conservative person anything wrong with it?, and I do not think you have to do nudity or compromised yourself to become a great actor, and I also prefer to see my favor actors not doing so.You are the real hater, no one expressed hatting actors for doing nudity, I feel sorry for you, you are the one saying “hate” and the world unfortunately have many of those that are capable to destroy others just because don’t act, express, agreed or feel the way hatters do. Sorry came out of contest but needed to express my sincere opinion. Thanks!

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