K-ent Publication Claims Lee Min Ho and Suzy Got Back Together, Both Sides Agencies Deny Story

This isn’t the usual buzzy K-ent story when it broke today thanks to even bigger news that dominated the industry headlines. A K-ent news publication claimed in an exclusive article that Lee Min Ho and Suzy are back together dating, courtesy of being spotted together on a date recently. There’s a “date” wherein the couple is very cozy together and clearly acting romantic, and there’s a “date” of of the sort that’s just having a meal and catching up a friends and even former exes. It’s not sure if the former couple was spotted on which type of outing, or even if it was indeed them, but K-ent could use a rekindled romance story if it was true. Both side’s agencies claimed to have checked with their clients and denied the getting back together story but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true and they were just keeping it low key this time around. Call me a sucker for the pretty but dim pairing, two very amiable gorgeous young stars finding a soul mate in the morass of K-ent.


K-ent Publication Claims Lee Min Ho and Suzy Got Back Together, Both Sides Agencies Deny Story — 19 Comments

  1. wow.. whatever scandal the 1% of korea is trying to cover.They are really working hard.From Go Hyun Jung to Jung Seok Won to these two.You would think the olympics would be enough to distract from any scandal.Journalists must be happy, they are making good money.

    But seriously, whats up with these two? are they trying to make them into Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez?This is why many people call their love life a sham.Suzy has a huge presence in Korea and Min Ho has a huge fanbase overseas, not a single photographic evidence of them dating; when they are both so famous.This “relationship” has done nothing for suzy but got her hate and harassment from minho’s fan girls and shippers.Some of suzy’s fanboys think she could do better.Anyway, if there are dating; they are dating.If they are not; then they are not.Why are people such busybodies?These two are the most private of individuals; they will not get the gossip they need out of these two.

    • True, these celeb scandals are definitely blasted on media right now to cover up something fishy.
      This couple had ’’knetz approval’’, they didn’t hate on Suzy because usually when idol and actor starts to date, knetz complain how the actor could do better than a mere idol girl. People were even saying how Suzy could do better than LMH tbh because LMH is becoming irrelevant, his acting isn’t top notch either (really, he is same in all his dramas and movies, same Gu Jun Pyo) whereas Suzy is young, more loved than LMH by Koreans and at the height of her popularity.
      It’s funny how reporters are speculating whether they have gone back together because when Suzy and LMH were dating, reporters were putting articles that they were breaking up all the time. This means that there is definitely some government/conglomerate issue to cover up. Anyways, this news is just making those DELULU TRASH MinShin shippers way too excited. This relationship has brought too many fanwars (weird because Suzy and PSH fans had no problems until TRASH DELULU MinShinners started attacking Suzy).
      Some MinShinners or LMH fans are going as far as blaming Suzy for using LMH as mediaplay, like lmao? These dumb delulus don’t realize that Suzy is more relevant inside South-Korea than LMH lol.
      They could be by the way be the next Selena and JB but with a cleaner image ofc. Selina and JB do drugs and sleep around with other people too..

      • Haha, here comes the official lmh hater!!! If you hate him why are you wasting time reading each & every article of him and even bothering to comment (like a pro).Don’t you have a better thing to do in life? It seems you know him better than a lmh fan, lmao. Lmh’s acting is really not a thing to talk about but still so much better than suzy’s. Lol. It’s pathetic how she’s so much loved in korea but always gets critized for her bad acting. Lmh was never that popular in Korea, so him becoming irrelevant there make no difference. He is super huge overseas so losing his Korean fandom doesn’t affect his popularity. Cause he will rock despite his bad acting and old age, as he did for years. Lol!!!

      • @Klara95 – interesting comment that you think losing his Korean fandom doesn’t affect his popularity…. I wonder how much of the Chinese fandom can he ride on after his MS, he will get phased out in no time… He acts like a rock for sure… lol…

      • I didn’t mean popularity in korea isn’t important but I talked about his existing fandom there(which is almost non-existing). Lmh was never an item in korea so they don’t care much about his absence or comeback. China is always waiting for him like they are really impressed with his presence. They never get sick of his bad acting and repetitive roles. And he is unbelievingly popular in asia and even in non-asian countries so he will continue acting the same role over and over again. So pleasing the Korean audience is more like impossible at this state for him. Of course he will be irrelevant after the international fandom got over his acting one day. Until then he is safe. Lol.

  2. Lee Min Ho is loved everywhere. i loved him Gangnam blues and i bet he is gonna rise even higher once he is discharged from army.

    • Lol. Kim Rae Won was the only good thing in Gangnam Blues. Lee Min Hoo was literally Gu Jun Pyo no.6 in GB. He is such a mediocre actor. His popularity has been declining in Korea for a while and the only reason his dramas still get ratings is because his leading ladies pull it off for him while he drags them down with his lousy performance. The only ones who think LMH is good and relevant is his diehard international fans who still can’t let go of Heirs and BOF, one of the silliest, corniest and mediocre dramas ever.

      • Lol so true. Damn every actress with him gets the worst role of her life and this time it even includes Kim rae won. Despite being a bigger movie star compared to Lee min ho his character was written so badly it felt a waste of him. Kim rae won being a major draw to theaters. His fans were so disappointed how his character was butchered but still his performance got praise from critics

      • Yeah that’s true. His acting hasn’t improved since bof and won’t in the future if he keep chosing the same role. He’s getting good ratings with the help of leading ladies but Suzy failed to do that as she got her dramas cringed despite she got good co-stars with better acting(than hers) who possess successful shows previously. Lmh is soo lucky that’s why he gets ratings with average acting skills.

    • Lee Min Ho is not as popular in Korea as he is internationally, never was. He is not going to rise higher by always acting in the same type of roles.

  3. lolz haters. why hate on him, like seriously he worked really hard to get to where he is now, you guys has not see anything,enemy of progress. God bless Lee min ho that’s all I have to say.

    • here is a classic delulu fan trying to spread hate by calling other commenters “haters”… every artist works really hard to get to where he/she is now… he is not the only one… different opinion does not equal “hate”

  4. lets let them be. we all love them differently. i am a fan of min ho, his acting skills are rather bad but that gives you no reason to cticize him. min ho all through moreover he’ll marry me in 2028.

    • Exactly!! You nail it right there “his acting skills are rather bad”. The general public is not criticizing him here, we are just stating the fact. Congratulations on your 2028 marriage 🙂

  5. Plan your goals for the year together. Explore a new hobby or sport together – art classes, golf, etc. Play miniature golf together or head to a driving range. Keep a journal together.

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