K-actor Jung Seok Won Reportedly Arrested for Meth Use in Drug Bust

Oh wow, what is going on over in South Korea entertainment! This is such distressing news to break, especially for singer Baek Ji Young. K-actor Jung Seok Won, who is married to Baek Ji Young and the couple just welcomed their first baby last year, has been arrested for suspicion of drug use involving meth. That’s a hardcore drug in the same class as cocaine, unlike marijuana which is also illegal in many countries as a banned drug but is starting to get legalized in more countries and so the use thereof may seem less serious. Getting busted for meth use is going to ruin Jung Seok Won’s career, not to mention bring shame on Baek Ji Young from the notoriously judgmental K-netizens, though they may take the opposite route and pity her for being saddled with a drug user husband. This story is just breaking but it certainly feels like a never ending stream of bad news out of K-ent this week.


K-actor Jung Seok Won Reportedly Arrested for Meth Use in Drug Bust — 19 Comments

  1. Looks like top 1% of korea powerful person has something to hide, all of a sudden all this scandal, go hyun jung, suzy, and now baek ji young

    • Many are saying that this has something to do with the Samsung corruption case with the former president Park Geun Hye and Saenuri party. Chaebols are no joke in Korea.. the times of of feudalism and Joseon dynasty may be over, but you can never get rid of the confucian ideals and the neo-feudalsm (or at least the mentality).

  2. no one is an open book, everyone has secrets. I sure don’t want my whole life to be reported to the general public. I feel for BJY, she is a great singer. I wish her all the best in her performance at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. Her husband has to owe up to his mistakes…

  3. Man meth is not a simple habit to break.

    To be caught. Have a family. Plus a marine.

    Bad bad news. It’s not going to end well. Poor BJY she’s one of my favourite singer and I was so happy about this couple.

  4. he said he was curious how meth taste like. like….for real? are you 16? you have a wife and a baby and you got curious with drug while on vacation…alone? SMH at this man.

    • I was about to say the same thing.I hope the cuties; lee min ho(1993) the green ranger, and Choi Woo Shik the yellow ranger dont get caught doing things like this. Park Yoo Chun and this one have completely messed up.

      I am glad they caught him though.He can now get the help he needs.meth is not something to joke with.

  5. I think weird that the korean law is applied on korean citizen everywhere. I mean if they don’t break of law of a country, they still can be punished in their own country…

  6. uh no offence but what career? im just more concerned for BJY and her child and knetz do seem to feel bad for her so hopefully she gets out of this unscathed

    • Yeah, right?! my thoughts exactly. How does a country/community enforce actions and activities of its citizens in other parts of the world? I’m curious how the authorities found out and the legalities of arresting him for his actions while in Australia…

      Like others have said, Meth is no joke. Not a drug to be “curious” about and not a first time “walk on the wild side” experience…

  7. Damn.. meth is (I’m not talking about the pharmaceutic methamphetamines to treat ADHD, the hydrochloric form) highly addictive and destructive. It’s a drug that shouldn’t be played with because first try won’t be just a try anymore. Baek Ji Young had a rough life but I hope her husband gets help to his problems and they make through this.

  8. My first reaction, damn poor BJY and baby.
    For Godsake he just become father not long and he is curious about meth of all thing, geez!

  9. Just the tip of the iceberg in the business….some will get caught most of the others wont. This journrey of self destruction has destroyed many a career and taken many lives directly and idirectly and often through suicide.

  10. The rich and powerful are scary. I don’t know how many times I seen them dug up celeb dirt to detract the public. They’re the worst. The govt does the same thing. If you notice that whenever there’s a scandal, somehow a celeb news get dug up. As if, they have connections everywhere and knows all the dirt to conveniently use it when they like.

    In this case, idk how the hell his drug use is known by police in Korea? As if his friends snitch on him. I find it ridiculous that he did it in Australia and get arrested at home.

    But this is probably a good thing bc now he will be force to get help and stop using it.

    • I’ve seen this scene in Pinochio, when the rich ahjumma has a scandal. She ask the secretary to release a scandal about Lee joon. Thus, everyone start to forget about her case. Damm, does the Chaebol or government has a list of celebrities scandal to throw out whenever they have scandals?

  11. Drugs is alive and being abused in all walks of life…more so on the privileged and elite…it is taboo in a civil society he got caught…now he has to deal with the consequences.

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