Liu Shi Shi Rocks the Short Hair and Perfect Outfit at 2018 Tory Burch Show in New York

I’m too scared to drastically cut my hair nowadays, call it complacency mixed with an aversion to risk the older I get. Younger me tried out a super short cut once and was just meh with it but I’m glad to have tried it especially now when I don’t have the stomach to anymore. Which is why I also like stars for changing up their looks drastically, and one such change was Liu Shi Shi going from her classic goddess long hair to a super short boy cut. It’s been mixed success so far and has depended on how she styled it.

I never thought it could vy with her long locks as being one of her best looks but consider me proven wrong. At the Tory Burch fashion show in New York over the weekend, Liu Shi Shi styled her hair so adorably, a bit mussy with a side part, paired beautifully with a Tory look of being round neck sweater used to counter balance a super colorful and loud pair of vertical striped pants. I LOVE IT, I love everything about her look, A+ to Shi Shi and more of this fun and funky cuteness please!


Liu Shi Shi Rocks the Short Hair and Perfect Outfit at 2018 Tory Burch Show in New York — 14 Comments

  1. From her short hair, it’s obvious that she has simple clean looks. I don’t agree she is goddess looking. Just because she was Famous in a fantasy show, does not mean she is super gorgeous. She is elegant and poised, but so are many ladies out there. Nothing very special but certainly a talented and fine looking actress.

  2. Like always Shi Shi looks so pretty and elegant, love her but I’m still not a big fan of the really short hairstyle in here. I seen other recent pictures of her and hair is now a bit longer but in here I’m not really liking it much, she still looks cute though and I love how she always wears her wedding ring too, I guess she really just wanted to try something a bit different and fun with her hair as she said in a interview.

  3. I can’t help this… I’m superrrrr curious to see how the back looks like? Does it look like a fringe? or just two teeny weeny rare hair to the sides of her neck (not sure what’s the hairdresser will call the style)

  4. Liu Shi Shi does not look good with short hair. If you’ve seen her pictures when she first had that short hair look, sorry but she looked like a boy. Now that it’s starting growing back she does look much better. I’m guessing that she just wanted to try something new. Liu Shi Shi is not ‘goddess’ looking material. The only actress I can think off the top of my head fitting ‘goddess’ level is Liu Yifei (Crystal Liu). This is coming from a male perspective.

    • Many many many women can pull off a goddess-like hairstyle. You just need the right amount of hair (quantity and length) and the right hair stylist. However IMO you need to include at least the face which narrows down the candidates immensely. I’m looking at older pictures of LSS and I just don’t see that goddess-like hairstyle. Don’t get me wrong I love LSS and her works. I loved her in ‘Impress Doctress’ until they added that rape scene then I dropped the drama altogether. I know everyone has different tastes and so this is just my opinion of her hairstyle. Again coming from a male perspective.

  5. Urgh. I don’t know if it’s the combination of her hair color, texture, & outfit, but she really looks like a middle aged ahjumma here :'( I mean you can tell she’s still gorgeous, but something just looks cringey & tacky to me **hides from raging Liu Shi Shi fans** Or maybe it’s because she always looks so elegantly gorgeous that this new look is such shock to me lol. I always thought she would look good with any style, but yeah…looks like I was wrong lol

  6. she looks younger,
    I personally like the hairstyle but probably it due do to the simple her clothes in this pic,
    if she wears dress or gown, the hair needs to styled neatly than this

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