K-ent Reports Lee Joon Attempted Suicide in the Army and His Agency Denies the News

I take any reports of suicide and/or such attempts very seriously especially in South Korea which has one of the highest suicide rates in the world thanks to a combination of cultural reasons and a high pressure environment to succeed. This week is off to a scary start with a K-ent news report that actor Lee Joon attempted suicide while in the army. The report said that Lee Joon showed his superior injuries where he tried to slash his wrist and was sent to a special division in the army. Lee Joon’s agency quickly responded to deny that report and claimed it was all made up, and that Lee Joon’s family is upset with the false news of a suicide attempt. While I hope to god it is false news, even the possibility that it is true and Lee Joon must be so depressed to attempt suicide is alarming and I hope in any case he’s doing fine.


K-ent Reports Lee Joon Attempted Suicide in the Army and His Agency Denies the News — 17 Comments

  1. I almost have a heart attack, it has only 2 months of Jonghyun’s death and I’m still can believe it.
    Anyway they should sue the news it all is a lay like it seems.

  2. Is there really a lot of bullying in the SK army? I read about a brother of an actress being one of those and caused the death of one…..wonder if they get punished or just reprimanded. It is a scary place to be especially if one is already vulnerable. I hope the news is false, I don’t know this actor’s story, but reading from another page, he is quite vulnerable.

    • Bullying exists in every army/police force, but they don’t really refer to it as bullying, it’s like a norm or a form of initiation rite to those who enter the force. It can be cruel and scary.

      • So hazing…yeah that’s bad and really just an excuse for bullying re: initiation

        Also, media shouldn’t report unless it’s confirmed to be this Lee Joon. If it is a rumor, very irresponsible.

  3. Isn’t he dating that actress Jung So Min?
    Hoping the news is false and at the same time his girlfriend can give him the necessary support…

  4. I hope he can get support from family and friends, I would said he is a time bomb as he got some depression long time back. The national service should consider his condition and gives him some public service or desk work instead.

  5. I’m a fan of him and I really hope this is false rumors, he’s got a strong mind and high endurance within him. There must be something they wanna hide by making such fake news

    • I hope it’s false rumors too, but if the news is fabricated to hide some big scandal, wouldn’t there be more coverage to use a bigger name celebrity currently in the army?

  6. Lee Joon has talked about his insomnia and BPD before… I hope this is false report and not the real thing that agency is trying to cover up

  7. I hope there are people around him who are really looking out for him.If the agency is covering up, this way of dismissing the whole thing would drive him deeper into the abyss.But if its a lie, someone needs to be sued, fired and barred from journalism.You dont joke with someone’s life like that.

  8. So much pressure on these celebrities and often coping in real life situations being taken outside of their comfort zone and facing simple everday challenges makes it so tough for them…I really wish him the best and know sometimes the tough challenge is just the thing we need to be the person we need to be.

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