Jung Yong Hwa and G-Dragon Both Enlist for Military Service

Hi-ho it’s off to the army two idols go as both Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE and G-Dragon of Big Bang enlisted for their mandatory military service in recent days. G-Dragon enlisted on February 27th last week and this week Jung Yong Hwa checked in on March 5th. G-Dragon’s Big Bang group mate Daesang will be enlisting next week on March 12th. There’s been more controversy than not with the recent batch of idols who have enlisted or are enlisting, Big Bang’s T.O.P. enlisted last February 2017 but was busted for smoking pot and had to change his service from police officer to conscripted public service worker. Jung Yong Hwa’s enlistment comes at a time of huge controversy for him as he was found to have gotten into graduate school through preferential treatment, likely as an excuse to delay military service. Let’s hope the controversies die down and everyone comes back being better role models for the impressionable younger fans.


Jung Yong Hwa and G-Dragon Both Enlist for Military Service — 3 Comments

  1. Have a safe service both of you!

    I can totally sympathise with these famous idols wanting to delay their MS because gone from the limelight for 2 years isn’t easy. It takes years to gain back the fame and popularity (if they ever do).

    • What you say is true. An A list star like Hyun Bin can survive a mess like Hyde, Jekyl and I post-military service but others can’t.

  2. Gd’s group mate is Daesung. Both Daesung and Taeyang will enter military on march. I think taeyang will go first.

    Seungri will join later since he still has some work promotion for his C-movie.

    Be healthy boys.

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