Lee Seon Kyun and G-Dragon Tests Negative in Further Drug Tests But Police Continue Investigation

I still find it jarring to see K-actor Lee Seon Kyun with K-pop star G-Dragon in the same frame and in the same news articles. The two have been under investigation for illegal drug use for the last two months since news broke of Lee Seon Kyun being blackmailed for illegal drug use leading to a police investigation. The latest news is that both have tested negative for drug use through hair and urine samples, with the hair samples being the ones that are harder to obscure drug use. Some reports are claiming that it’s also not definitive as hair dye and bleach could distort the tests. Regardless the police are continuing with their investigation. I think the best course of action remains to cooperate with the police and if the full investigation exonerates one or both then they can start trying to rebuild their reputations within the industry.

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Elle Korea Showcases Top K-stars Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Park Seo Joon, Lee Sung Kyung, Jennie, and G-Dragon for the 30th Anniversary Celebration

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Hilarious Lack of Hair Photoshopping Turns Oppas into Ahjusshis

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Top K-Stars Attend Chanel Exhibit at the D-Museum in Seoul

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G-Dragon’s Personal Instgram Hacked and Pictures Posted of Him and Rumored New Girlfriend Komatsu Nana

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K-ent Lookalikes Back in the News as Bora and Han Chae Young Posts Adorable Sisterly Selfie

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