TW-ent Buzzing that Lin Chi Ling and Jerry Yan are Getting Married in Bali at the End of March

Take this with a grain of salt, but it’s a juicy grain and totally worth reporting just on the possibility alone. TW-entertainment news publications are all reporting that increasingly loud rumor that top model Lin Chi Ling and her currently on-again boyfriend actor Jerry Yan is going to tie the knot in Bali this March 22nd. Mark your calendar folks who believe in fate and true love and whatnot because if these two get married then imma actually shed a tear of hell yeah for these two. They’ve only gotten back together last year but both are way past the marriage-ready age so it’s not far-fetched they could be getting married so soon after reconciling, though the official word from both parties is a denial of the rumors. My wedding-dar is now but I’m sure the TW-paps are all over these two and totally would be laying in wait in Bali come March 22nd.


TW-ent Buzzing that Lin Chi Ling and Jerry Yan are Getting Married in Bali at the End of March — 15 Comments

  1. It’s official, all my favorite actors from his generation are all taken. Wang Kai and Huge are the only ones I have left.

    • Congrats to Jerry, when he does finally tie the not. so happy for him
      but what you said is exactly what I first thought of…

      Though I still have tons in my korean bias, thank goodness for that.

      PS: I love your name… =)

    • As expected indeed. Boy would I be embarrassed of I were Park Hae Jin. How ridiculous of him to take it up (mostly just for the publicity of it all) then for it to be splattered right on his face. That’s humiliating, and I don’t even feel pity.

      Anyway out of topic that. Congratulations to Jerry and Chi Ling. I actually shipped them insanely back in the day. Now I don’t feel as inclined but I’m so happy for them. There’s something about true love in them that just melts my heart lol.

    • Be With You: Total Earning – $2,385,013 Number of Screens – 1,050

      Cheese in the Trap: Total Earning – $598,987 Number of Screens – 350

      The Hurricane Heist: Total Earning – $469,116 Number of Screens – 494

      The Hurricane Heist was shown in more theaters than Cheese in the Trap yet made less so far.

      Cheese in the Trap is produced by a little production company. They have no large companies investing in Cheese in the Trap, only themselves. They had to stick with a low budget hence why it’s only being played at 350 CGV theaters because it fits into their budget.

      Be With You is produced by one of the biggest companies in South Korea so stop comparing those two. They can afford to have their movie played in over 1,000 theaters.

      Found this on NB -dyoh


      • In the end it’s the break even and the number of admissions that matter. That’s a fact. And it’s crystal clear after a few days of released that both Cheese and Hurricane are flops.

  2. I hope it’s true. But regardless, wishing them all the best in their lives both professionally and personally.

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