Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan Visually Stunning in First Trailer for C-drama Legend of Fuyao

I haven’t felt the urge to watch a period C-drama in recent months, it just feels like there are too many out there and with many repeat actors and actresses. The one I am looking forward to just released the first trailer and I’m even more stoked to watch Legend of Fuyao airing in late 2018. Starring Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan, it’s more wuxia than straight up fantasy like Yang Mi’s Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms but still with smatterings of otherworldly elements. I loved Yang Mi’s visuals in Three Lives, her hairstyles and outfits were incredibly ethereal and here she’s more vibrant in reds and blacks but still exuding a radiant classical beauty. Ethan is also smexy as heck in his role, I love all the intensity packed into this short 2-minute teaser.

Trailer for Legend of Fuyao:


Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan Visually Stunning in First Trailer for C-drama Legend of Fuyao — 22 Comments

  1. Can’t watch her still. She’s so aware when she’s acting that it makes me conscious too that she is. It’s the most awkward thing.

  2. OMG. I love Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan. I will definitely watch their drama. They are both gorgeous and good in acting. I love Yang Mi in Ten Miles Peach Blossom with Mark Chao. I can’t wait to watch Legend of Fuyao.

  3. Yang Mi should do more ancient dramas. She’s so lackluster in modern dramas like Negotiator and Interpreter but really good in Eternal Love and Palace. Looking forward to this.
    And Ethan looks better in ancient costume than I expected. Haha.

  4. this is a must watch for me hopefully it’s lives up to expectations.chinese period or historical dramas are the best.what with their gorgeous customes,always interesting storylines mounted extravagantly.

    I loved loved yang mi in ten miles so looking forward to her performances this time too.

  5. Speaking about Chinese drama, is anyone following Siege of Fog/Color of Night? The main actor is … *drooling* and the OTP has amazing chemistry! <3

  6. Do excited for this. It will be a hit and looking forward to YM and Ethan’s performances. Haven’t watched any C drama this year since 3L3W that delivered (except for Tientsin Mystic since it is on Netflix — it is excellent; top 5 for me).

      • Oh yey fellow Tientsin fans. Let us all pray for season 2!! I loved everything: actors, actresses, production, mixing of genres, costumes and the music. I kept Netflix since they have more Asian series too.

  7. Did anyone see the making of/teaser where it starts with us looking into Yang Mi’s eyes and then concludes later with her looking at Ethan? Like she had a dream and woke up in his arms? I loved it.

  8. The novel is awesome. I wasn’t rooting for the adaptation because of the flops of several other adaptations recently. But this teaser looks really interesting. Besides, the main cast are very solid actors. Am looking forward!

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