jTBC Wins the New Cable Premieres at Miss Hammurabi Doubles the Ratings of tvN Drama About Time

The viewers have spoken and its a resounding ratings and feedback win for jTBC legal drama Miss Hammurabi which premiered this Monday opposite fellow new cable arrival About Time on tvN. Miss Hammurabi brought in nearly double the ratings of About Time, premiering at 3.739% compared to 1.766%. Even more impressive are the positive audience feedback on the acting of Miss Hammurabi leads L and Go Ara who are normally panned by K-netizens for their pretty visuals and limited acting, this time both are getting solid reviews along with how interesting the drama is in depicting the behind-the-scenes world of judges in the Korean judicial system.

Conversely K-netz are ragging on both Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon‘s acting in About Time, though that drama has even bigger problems in re-filming fast enough to insert new second male lead Kim Dong Joon‘s scenes into the narrative as he took over just last week for Lee Seo Won who has been charged with harassment and assault. The Mon-Tues time slot remains very week overall but it looks like Miss Hammurabi is ready to make some waves.


jTBC Wins the New Cable Premieres at Miss Hammurabi Doubles the Ratings of tvN Drama About Time — 20 Comments

  1. I think its the highest rating so far for JTBC Mon-Tues slot. Congrats to the team.
    Oh I heard good things about About Time from international fans, so I’m surprised to see its panned by Koreans.

    • Acting in “About Time” is bad. I am surprised that Lee Sang Yoon ended up carried away with Lee Sung Kyung’s below par acting. LSK as usual, pulling off that muppet acting. Idk, but the comic feel very staged. I guess the only reasons why the drama received good feedbacks from i-fans because LSK is adored widely by i-fans. I don’t like the first episode. Not likely will stay watching.

    • Yeah agree with Alexa. LSK is a so-so actress. ifans are more forgiving toward her acting because they adore her but in Korea, she’s not that popular so they judge her acting more harshly.

    • LSK ans LSY both are not strong that’s why it so obvious now.
      LSY always has great counterparts that balance him so he looks passable but LSM is neither of good or balance so they cancel each other out.

      LSK also need a calmer but sturdy partner because that makes her unique but LSY has no energy and weak so her flaw become gigantic.

      I did say it before and people think I make it up, these actors are passable at best but a bad match to each other.

  2. The both actress are beautiful but not very good at acting.

    L can be good but it depend of the drama. I think I liked him in the drama with Krystal. They had more chemistry than the couple Rain-Krystal…

    LSY lacks in charisma for me. And in the trailers I saw, he looked like he lost a lot of weight very fast and was tired…

  3. I’ve seen videos of the first episode of Miss Hammurabi and I could say that Go Ara’s character is quite a trooper and the ways she goes back at annoying people in public transport and sexual harrassers are fresh. I think Go Ara pulls off comedy the best.

    • Agree. I watched her in Black and got the impression that she was better with the comedy bits, she can be quite fun. She should choose more comedy in the future, it suits her style.

    • the thing with go ara, at least in my opinion, is that she doesn’t seem to choose projects very well. or at least she ends up with projects that highlights her weaknesses instead of her strengths. i think she does best in comedies and slice of life type of dramas and can also do rom coms well. however, she often ends up with damsel in distress type of characters who cries a lot.

    • I agree that Go Ara does best in comedy. She was hilarious in her cameo in The Producers as IU’s frenemy!

  4. Haven’t seen About Time yet but based on reception here, danggit, another one of my anticipated dramas bites the dust. It’s almost chronic now with how badly recent kdramas usually disappoints me in some way or another.

  5. it’s a shame that “About Time” is not living up to the hype (based fron the feedback). i was so looking forward to it since the premise sounds interesting and i like LSK. not gonna lie, i don’t necessarily think she’s a good actress but i still like her for some reason. i might give the first few episodes a shot and decide frin there.

    congrats to the cast and crew of miss hammurabi for the massive ratings! i will likely check this out. crossing my fingers that l, go ara, and lee elijah will do well in this.

  6. based on the comments here, i will give Miss H a try, maybe this can be a breakout for L to secure a lead seat. As for About Time, I think LSK is overhyped by ifans, she should tone down her overacting…

    • Me too I’m going in for About time and I’ll see how that goes. Unsure about MH at this stage as I have so many dramas on the go right now.

    • Miss Hammaruabi might just beat Noona in ratings. The reviews from Korea are amazing for this drama. Its hooked all age groups which is the key. I had a feeling it would do well. The teasers were amazing. To be fair Go Ara has never pulled in bad ratings since Reply 1994. Hwarang pulled in strong numbers despite the competition from Romantic Doctor.

  7. Congrats to the Hammurabi team for the good ratings and reception so far. It’s a good sign that that the original author is adapting their own work for the drama. I’ll be waiting till it ends to try watching since I’m hoping against hope it keeps it’s light tone that the leads can handle better for most of it’s run but that hardly happens in kdramas.

    I’m not surprised to see LSK getting negative reception but I’m surprised Sang Yoon is getting dragged for his acting! Maybe he wasn’t feeling the role yet? It’s only the first episode though, so it could easily get better. I want to check it out for myself to see if it’s a good watch so far. All my hope is on Why Secretary Kim but maybe I should temper my excitement just in case. I do want PSJ and especially my girl, Park Min Young to have a hit, buzz drama though.

  8. I have watched all 15 episodes of Miss Hammurabi and I totally enjoyed it. Ara’s character was a bit annoying at first. but still I got hooked with the chemistry and the story. It’s a good one honestly.

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