Jaejoong and Jin Se Yeon Offered Leads in K-drama Adaptation of So I Married an Anti-fan

I think the casting of Jaejoong as a fictional top idol star for a K-drama is too perfect but at the same time not really needed anymore. After Triangle I’ve seen that he can act and his last drama Manhole was an epic fall down a bottomless manhole of a failure in ratings not due to an acting lack from Jaejoong. He can do more but maybe it’s not a bad idea to do a fun drama right up his real life alley as K-ent is reporting that he’s been offered the leading man role in the K-drama adaption of webtoon So I Married an Anti-fan. In talks as his leading lady is Jin Se Yeon who is coming off a ratings success in her last drama the Chosun TV sageuk The Grand Prince. The story is about a top star and the woman heading his anti-fan club and their fake marriage turned real romance. The story was made into a Chinese-Korean joint collaboration movie starring EXO‘s Chanyeol back in 2015.


Jaejoong and Jin Se Yeon Offered Leads in K-drama Adaptation of So I Married an Anti-fan — 24 Comments

      • It’s difficult for him to get a good female lead after the fiasco with his last drama… Not even the lethal combination of MBC and Joy can surpass Manhole’s lowest ratings.

      • @Pam – UEE can move on to get good ratings in a Saturday MBC drama, why can’t he? Manhole’s failure is mainly due to a very stupid plot, the leads are actually not as bad as Joy in my opinion.

      • She got the role because two actresses rejected the role before her… And its a weekend family drama, the ratings are so-so. The only good thing is that she got Kim Kang-woo as her partner.

      • Thanks Pam. I like UEE so I am happy she can bounce back. Jaejoong can act fairly well if given a good script (even though I enjoy his singing a lot better), so I hope he won’t be written off after that very embarrassing Manhole…. ?

  1. I was so confused when I saw the picture for the webtoon. I didn’t know that the comic by Wann was based on a novel.

  2. Honestly, Idk what kind of backing she has but I’ll refrain because she already gets a lot of hate. All I can say is that maybe she should consider taking a backseat, practice her acting and taking small roles and little by little improve.

  3. @prettyautumn – it’s a valid question considering her past, er, professional practices surrounding her availability for the filming of a drama.

    I don’t think she’s going to get any work from KBS and SBS again after that but MBC did try really hard to rehabilitate her reputation with a sageuk weekender and to some degree it seems to have worked even if her acting remains somewhat unnatural (please let’s not have her in romcoms).

    • When I think of her, the first thing that came out from my mind is her past professional practices. That’s the very one thing that turns me off when it comes to her. And also the unnatural facial expressions for the sad scenes

  4. I hope his drama career does not stuck in the manhole, because his acting is not bad, i don’t know why sometime I feel he’s get over exploited instead of exploring his acting skills.

  5. Poor girl. I feel a need to defend her. But I respect other’s opinion on her acting skills. I’ve seen way worse so I really don’t get why she has so much antis. I felt she improved a lot with her latest drama. She is super sweet and has a solid work ethic and if anyone read her interview, she takes it really hard on herself with all the criticisms. I’ll support her next project and hope she can showcase her talent.

  6. Her “work ethic” was the exact reason she used to get so much criticism, girl had a little habit of not being available for the end of shoots on her dramas because she would go off and shoot another drama, which basically had the crews of the dramas she left scrambling to cover for her absence. There may be crappier actresses than her but at least those people have the decency to keep showing up to work and do their job instead of opportunistically dumping a drama midway during a live shoot.

    This wasn’t even a one-off either, it happened like three times on dramas where she was the lead. I just feel like that shouldn’t be forgotten, since other much more senior actresses have been blacklisted for the same thing but she got away scot-free, it’s fair to ask why.

    • Wow.. I didn’t even know this.. she definitely has either a rich dad or a really adamant sponsor. Such a young girl and already in a shady business.. well, she already became MBC daesang candidate despite her poor acting so we know for sure she has a backing.

      • It’s something her fans in here conveniently neglect to mention while painting her as a victim.

        Frankly, someone like her pulling stunts like these and continuing to get lead roles in prestige projects, is a slap in the face of actresses who both perform better and have never done something like this. And it’s not even like she is super popular, to be getting this. Meanwhile girls like Lee Se Young, Kim Ji Won, Park Eun Bin etc get stuck in second lead or supporting roles for years and only just started getting lead roles in the last year. It’s nonsensical.

      • there’s a rumour while she was filming doctor stranger, her father is one of the biggest investor out of three broadcasting station. the rumour started to spread so fast and saying her father was a director in KBS. I dunno if it’s true but it’s undeniable since she always got lead role so easily even she has her own agency that her mother built for her ( rumoured)

    • When your projects makes results you become a commodity and an asset. Her ratings are high and treated as such.
      Antifans hate her but the fact is My Daughter the Flower, Bridal Mask, Inspiring Generation, Five Fingers, Flower in Prison and Dr Stranger achieve ratings 30% above their benchmark 7% to be classified as a success.

  7. For heaven’s sake, this book is my favorite. I was dissapointed after seeing the live action with Chanyeol inside but please, not with Jin Se Yeon.

  8. She gets the lead roles because almost every drama she casts as lead breaks over 10-20% ratings (except grand prince)
    Wether she can act or not is subjective but what is fact is that she is a money maker.
    Those that say the director or producer cast her because she got sponsors watch too much dramas. Dispite what foreigners gauge as a acting standard does not translate what koreans watch.

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