Jo Hyun Jae Joins Kim Jae Won and Nam Sang Mi in Weekend Drama If It Is Her

Growing older can be a fight against the tides or the accepting of something that feels inevitable and rather heartfelt. I subscribe to the latter which means I’m happy to hear that Jo Hyun Jae is joining the weekend drama If It is Her along with confirmed leads Nam Sang Mi and Kim Jae Won. It’s like all my favorite Hallyu era leads are starting to work together and in a setting that isn’t as ratings driven as prime time. What’s difficult is that each of these leads have dramas that are my personal faves so its hard knowing of the the male leads will be an antagonist, but if that has to be at least I get to root against someone I love watching onscreen.


Jo Hyun Jae Joins Kim Jae Won and Nam Sang Mi in Weekend Drama If It Is Her — 8 Comments

  1. Ms. Koala, may I know what is your favorite from Kim Jae Won’s dramas? For me it was Can You Hear My Heart?

    • Owh yes, I remember your post about it. Was it the typical makjang-y weekend dramas? I just googled it, but sadly it had Jo Jae-hyun, makes it difficult for me to try watching it.

  2. So much beautiful memories from my favorite era leads , i’m still in love with Jo Jae Hyun… Back then every drama was an event for me as an ifan it was difficult to Watch dramas and i had to buy the dvd…Now even if there are a lot of good dramas , it doesn’t feel the same … Memories by Barbra Streisand and you’re going to make me cry Ms Koala( Chae Rim, the late Jung Da Bin , the late Park Yong Ha,..) I’m happy that recently a lot of former leads are working in weekend dramas . And Park jin Hee was really good in “Return”

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