Song Hye Kyo Elegant in White at Skincare CF Event in China

K-actress Song Hye Kyo remains one of the stalwarts of Hallyu popularity in China, thanks to her steady work and expansive CF campaigns across Asia. A test of an actress’s popularity comes after marriage and so far the Asian netizens seem to love her the same and honestly she looks just as radiant and even happier now that she’s found her man in husband Song Joong Ki. She’s in China this week for promotional events starting with a Sulhwasoo skincare opening where she donned a simple white wrap dress paired with platform beige heels. Some stars don’t match up to the photoshopped and airbrushed beauty of their ad pictures but Song Hye Kyo in person looks just like her brand pictorial, quite an enviable feat indeed.


Song Hye Kyo Elegant in White at Skincare CF Event in China — 35 Comments

  1. Song Hye Kyo has a pretty face but I really hate how her stylist styled her. She does not have that lanky or thin frame, in fact she is quite stocky so going for A-frame dress is not complimenting her figure at all. That dress made her look wider. She should have been styled with slimmer pencil skirt. The styling not complimenting her pretty face.

    • She looks fine to me. I really don’t understand why even a beautiful woman like her needs to be criticized with words like stocky or not having a thin. Sure, it’s not an insult. But it’s telling peoples beauty standards. No wonder korea have such a high plastic surgery rate.

      • i think you have misunderstood the above comment. The comment is directed at the dress – certain body frame will look nicer in certain style of dress… Don’t be too sensitive. And I don’t get how a dress discussion will relate to the high plastic surgery rate in Korea which is mainly on the face!?!?

      • Thanks @candycane. That’s exactly what I meant. I specifically mentioned her styling that does not compliment her frame.

        @Imzadi You may choose to disagree with me but there is no need to twist and turn my comment to make me sound downright critical. I have no doubt that she is very pretty, so you don’t have to worry about me pressuring her into getting a plastic surgery.

      • No problem with the dress either but I do agree that tapered and pencil cuts would look good on her. Only thing I hate about this outfit is the shoes. I think chunky pumps like that are so years ago.

    • I disagree Alexa. I think she looks great!!! Not “stocky” looking with the dress. She looks thin to me and dress looks great on her. She’s short but this doesn’t make her look thick or chunky or “stocky”. I guess different strokes for different folks. I agree with her pretty face. Song Hye Kyo is perfect for skin care product endorsement.

    • I totally got your point. Especially in the 4th photo, she definitely would look crazy good with the top of the dress tucked in a midi length pencil skirt! At least it is good that the dress has a V neck line, which is a universally flattering element.
      I kinda have the same body type she has. And while pencil skirts look great, A line dress should work fine as long as the waist line is right and the flaring at the bottom does not go out too much. I think the problem of her dress might be the flaring part. In the first picture where we don’t see much of the flare, the dress looks flattering on her.

  2. I don’t always get the hype over the supposed ‘greatest beauties’ of Korea, but let’s just say that with Song Hye Kyo….I TOTALLY get it. Her face is just ridiculously perfect.

    Also I like the simple styling and neutral colours on her here, it’s flattering and keeps the attention on her face, which is appropriate at a cosmetics brand event.

  3. Must be happy to be pretty since born, famous, and rich like her.
    She seems has so perfect life.
    I’m so envy

    • Kean, don’t worry, no life is perfect, only looks like that from outside. Our lives are prety great too, as long as we have time to quarrel over “stocky” adjective, we are doing get :):):)

  4. Are there any dramas or films on the horizon for her? I’ve only seen her in DOTS and enjoyed the drama immensely. I love how she just courts the media and doesn’t say boo! Quiet; unassuming; elegant and classy. However what is it with Korean actresses and their obsession with white/cream dresses?

    • You should watch Full House, she was really cute there, my favourite of hers. The music in that drama was good too ?

      • @candycane Thanks for the tip. I’ve been meaning to watch FH. Cheers for that. ?

      • @Ta – Jo In Sung is in that and Im just terrible I can’t focus on the ep I’m too busy watching JIS. But I’m gonna give it a shot thank you for that.

  5. Woah, this Koala is really bias. I just saw an article on Yoon Eun Hye promotion in China for luxury skincare brand Mageline and she even went on a tv show to promote it, but this bias dismisses it of as nothing important. now here in cheaper brand Sulhwasoo, she’s nothing but all hail praise to Song Hye Kyo. My gosh, where’s your integrity lady, you just swallowed it whole because of prejudice, disappointing.

      • you are mistaking a blogger with a commenter, you are a commenter, you can be bias. but for bloggers or authors or professional writers, they owe themselves some integrity to have a fair and balance article, so they wont become Fake News. instead of tolerating, you should call them out. why you also dont value integrity, poor soul you have, degenerate.

      • i don’t just believe a blogger needs to report on all cosmetic promotions in China. This has nothing to do with integrity at all. You can start your own blog if you like. There is no need for me to call out a blogger, I just don’t read if I don’t like it. You are a person with no good soul by telling people to degenerate! SMH.

    • lol shouldnt you be grateful that koala is one of the very few bloggers who still has glowing things to say about YEH?When have you started reading this blog?Everyone knows YEH is one of her very favourite bias.

  6. I have a feeling this “Destiny” person is trying to sell Mageline products at this site. We should block her/him. Who cares about whatever YEH sells in China? Geez…

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