Photo Studio Sues Suzy for Defamation in the Yang Ye Won Pictures Scandal

A publicity stunt begets another and then another as the Yang Ye Won photo scandal in May now turns squarely into collateral damage territory. Recall that Youtube star Yang Ye Won published a teary video about how naked pictures of her were published without her permission, naming the studio that took the pictures and asserting she was assaulted by men. Suzy reposted the story on her SNS and that’s when it blew up and everyone and their mothers was supporting Yang Ye Won and calling for the heads of the studio and men involved. In the subsequent days the studio revealed that the ownership long changed and it was now owned by someone totally not involved in the Yang Ye Won story, and later text messages of the owner of the studio who took the pictures revealed that Yang Ye Won willingly posed for them to make money. Now the new studio owning is suing Suzy in civil court for defamation. I don’t think the case has any merit but as a publicity stunt it’s brilliant. Suzy may just have to lay low for a bit on SNS.


Photo Studio Sues Suzy for Defamation in the Yang Ye Won Pictures Scandal — 22 Comments

  1. -The name and address of the studio had already been spread and damaged before Suzy got involved.
    -YYW’s video already went viral (gaining millions of views overnight) before Suzy posted about it.
    -The petition already received over 11,000 signatures before Suzy signed it.
    -Insight Korea had already published articles about the petition before Suzy showed public support.
    -Suzy never accused, mentioned, or revealed the name of the studio in her screenshot.
    -The petition itself didn’t boycott or side with anyone, but only asked for a proper investigation.
    -The studio already had a bad reputation before the YYW ordeal for using Lolita concepts and other forms of sexualization of women.
    -The owner of the studio is different, but the business is still the same (same practices, same address, and same name).
    -There are six other victims aside from YYW claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the studio (one of them being male).
    -The studio was fined earlier this year for a sexual assault case against them in November.
    -The studio was also investigated in 2008 for sexual assault.
    -The photo studio leaked the Kakao Talk messages through a media outlet rather than submitting them to the police as evidence, which was criticized by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for excretion.

    • -The lawyer was interviewed by KBS and said that the case against Suzy is too weak, because Suzy never slandered the studio directly (her screenshot didn’t contain the name nor location of the studio).

  2. This whole thing is just a diversion from the real issues. Poor Suzy got dragged to this mess when all she wanted was to help. Well, next time she will choose her charity targets more wisely…

    • Can’t believe hot ahjushi like lee dong wook dating her, she better studying in college or just shut her mouth. Even lee min ho when they dating never mention her. Other actress even avoid to get scandal if they want long career, but her getting dragged with this mess???

      • Thunder fire you for that comment. So if you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed your only value is your pussy? If you’re a man you should be ashamed of yourself and if you’re a woman you should be doubly ashamed.

    • @moira – Please go back to the smutty All K pop site and keep your filthy comments to yourself. Seriously just keep your dirty thoughts intact – it’s not welcome here. My kids read these posts you airhead! Regardless of what Suzy does you don’t have the right to reference her or anyone else in that way! Grow up!

    • Who is the no brainer here? With the way you commenting hate, it seemed that you also don’t have manners and have disgusting mouth. Shame on you as woman disrespecting other woman because of your precious oppa chose her.

  3. She got herself into this mess. No one “dragged” her in. This is a case of one without a brain repost item on social media not checking the credibility of its source. This is a mistake only dumb people will commit. Regular netizens may get away from it, but Suzy is famous that’s why the studio sues her for creating trouble. Much of this is mostly media play, which she created it in the first place.

    • That’s why Suzy is better than others who are getting away with the issue and acting like a bystander. Nothing wrong in signing the petition for PROPER INVESTIGATION, even if YYW’s lie, it helped other victims to have courage to appear.

  4. Here’s a salute to Suzy! Thank you for showing the world how brave you are,standing firm with your conviction for humanism even some people might think doing it is deterrent to you as a person/celebrity, may it be a route popular or unpopular. I have a great respect to those individuals who can tell the world their stand despite the unwelcome repercussions. This only proves the validity how pure a person’s heart is.Stay strong Suzy.You have my full support!

  5. Standing applause for Suzy,You guys comment about her brain,when you only stand manufactured idol/actress/actor. You got my respect!!! Keep your pure heart!!Don’t be afraid to show your humanism.

    • Yes i know about humanism better than you, and here for example person without humanism its you candycane!!!!

      I wonder if you really follow the case from the start.Because actually what you wrote smh just how embarrasing you are. Hahaha ?

      • this shows how ignorant you are. just like your bias. No wonder she got sued. Humanism?? What a joke!! That youtuber YYW has gotten her money and her publicity. Only you fools will support this dumb case!

      • BTW – Suzy is the Embarrassing one. She has to apologize but still she got sued. There is no way you can defend for her. How can you explain WHY she needs to apologize if she did nothing wrong? Humanism, what a joke… Lmao… hahaha…

    • Well it seems that’s why Suzy is way better person than you where she knew how to promote humanism unlike you who promoted hate in the society.

  6. I guess we can agree that Suzy’s intentions were sincere. But let’s spare a thought for the current owner who through default ended up in this unfortunate sorry as mess and has loss income and respect due to the unwarranted attention Suzy’s post garnered. That’s the reason why he pursued the court case whatever his ulterior motive is -so let’s just wait and see what the Korean court of law decide or whether they settle before hand. In meantime if anyone sees Yang Ye Won tell her Ann Joel has unsubscribed to her YT channel. ?

    • It’s Yang Ye Won’s mediaplay. Suzy doesn’t need it because she’s already popular that her every move are already trending and every clothes she wore are getting sold-out. That’s why many uses her name for attention like 2nd Suzy, little Suzy, Suzy look-a-like,etc.

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