Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food and My Ahjusshi Lead Buzz Meter of K-dramas in First Half of 2018

The results are in for the most talked about K-drama of the first half of 2018, and the winner is unsurprisingly the most polarizing drama so far in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). It’s rare to have a drama start off with high expectations, meet them, and then proceed to trample on all that goodwill with each successive episode. Buzz in this instance isn’t the best kind of talking about. Coming in second is My Ahjusshi, followed by Wise Prison Life, then Misty, and finally My Golden Life rounds out the top 5. It’s a split between jTBC and tvN for the top buzzy dramas, but then jtBC takes the edge with Miss Hammurabi in the 6th spot, followed by Greasy Melo (Wok of Love) and then the leading lady switcheroo Return.


Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food and My Ahjusshi Lead Buzz Meter of K-dramas in First Half of 2018 — 15 Comments

  1. So happy PD ahn Pan Seok finally has a drama with a buzz… Though quality wise, it might be the least fav of his work for me. My most fav of his work is still a wife’s credential.

    Park Hae Young is yet again has a buzz drama under her belt. It’s save to say, she rise to become a star writer after her two latest drama? After this, there will be less acctress who will reject her again like OHY case. Hehe.

    Miss hammurabi is doing good, and I’m happy for Kwak Jung Hwan. His two leading is doing good also. 2018 is really a good year for me. Almost all my fav are a success popularity wise.

    I’m aldo glad Lawless Lawyer is received love from public.

    All of this drama might be not their greatest work. But sure it’s still good year,

    • Yea his most buzz drama was my least favorite and the least popular “End of the World” is still my favorite lol. Funny how that works.
      I love all of PD Ahn’s dramas especially with writer Jung Sung-joo.

      Yay for Kwak Jung Hwan. Finally!

      • Hi @Kiara, I haven’t watched fully At the End Of The World. I’m hesitate because the scene look too real at the first episode for me. Haha… I loved Ahn Pan Seok drama with Jung Sung Joo, too second after A Wife’s Credential is Heard it Through the Grapevine, still my most fav is A wife’s credential which is more close to home.

        Happy for Kwak Jung HWan too. Finally he is working with a good writers!

  2. Ahn Pan Seok deserves better than to be blamed for the Pretty Noona mess, he wasn’t the writer who was responsible for that story. His previous drama, Heard it Through the Grapevine, was an underrated masterpiece that didn’t get popular internationally but was the best drama of 2015 imo.

  3. Glad to see more mature dramas taking the very top spots. And there must be something about age-gap relationships that intrigued the Korean audience so much.

  4. The so-called buzz don’t mean anything anymore but Pretty Noona and My Ajushi were on the list while on air. However, where they helpful? My Ajushi were doing 3-5% and didn’t hit 6% until episode 12 & only hit 7% in the finale episode and only average a little short of 5%. On the other hand, Pretty Noona were consistently on 5-6% from episode 5 but didn’t go up except ep 13

    • (cont. for my cut comment above..)
      except ep14 rather and did 5.5% average overall.

      Is this buzz thing really helped?

    • I think in the kdrama ratings game, it means more if the numbers get higher as you get further into the drama. Therefore My Ajusshi ending at 7-odd percent is a really big deal no matter how their early ratings were.

      The same goes for any of the iconic dramas – the increase in ratings by finale shows a measurable increase in interest (Reply, Misaeng, etc).

    • This buzzworthy is useful. Rating is not always an indication of drama success. High rating is not always thr only indication of popularity nowadays. Pretty noona has more advertising attraction more than misty has ever dream despite Misty has higher rating. More buzz, more popularity, it means it’s not only being watched by many, but also attract discussion among netizen. More popularity, more advertising, more money.

    • Lol. My Mister started off with scandals. The rating has shown that through words of mouth, My Mister gained audience, end with high note, double that rating first epi. While Pretty Noona has huge publicity, first Son Ye Jin drama in five years, everyone expect high rating from the show but the rating of the show is pretty much stay the same through out. Misty also started with 3%, end with 8%. Its more important to gain audience over time than a stable rating. Romance usually have more people talk about. My Mister is dark, heavy, no hot girl hot boy, no kissing fest, it end with positive from both audience and critical. While Pretty Noona go down hill, it end with most of angry comments. My Mister will get nominated best drama of the year, Pretty Noona? not even a chance

  5. And see that’s why I’d have Koala’s PG over any other site- see comments above; informative direct and honest. Not to mention-relevant. ? Sorry for the exception of soompi threads. They’re a God send too.

  6. FNC is really funny. When that happen, zero statement from the agents. When the drama end, new article about him every two days. First the reaction from knet was half positive, half negative. But he keeps coming out with new interviews, the reaction become 30% positive, 60 % negative.

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