Nam Sang Mi Looks Prettily Confused in First Stills for SBS Weekend Drama About Her

I’m glad that I can still get excited for a K-drama based on casting, I was feeling burnt out a few years ago but then found a new balance on how to keep watching dramas and write about it without it turning into a monotonous chore. That reset has kept the fire alive and it feels like a throwback to the past to have three popular drama leaves from the earlier Hallyu days united in one upcoming SBS weekend drama. About Her stars Nam Sang Mi as a married rich wife who undergoes extensive plastic surgery to escape her life and ends up losing her memory along with getting a new face. Kim Jae Won is the male lead who helps her in her new life and Jo Hyun Jae continues his recent years trend playing darker second male leads and does the same here. It’s also interesting to note that all three leads are now married in real life so I guess weekend dramas is where they will be more frequently found, but that’s not a problem since so many of the earlier fun dramas I’ve loved were weekend fare. Looking forward to this one as it premieres in late July after Secret Mother.


Nam Sang Mi Looks Prettily Confused in First Stills for SBS Weekend Drama About Her — 8 Comments

    • dunno lol ..
      most j actors are married but still get prime time drama and sometimes romance drama..
      some k actors too

    • You could take the same cast and put them in a primetime weekday drama(cable or public channel) and they would still deliver as long as the plot is solid.They are all acknowledged as good actors in Korea.I dont think their marital status has any bearing on which time slot they can star in.Also they are all under 50 so there is still a wide range of roles they can do.

    • I assume it’s because they are much tamer and family friendly in comparison to prime time dramas + possibly they lose the star power they have had prior to marriage and naturally transition to these ones.

  1. Koala, I’m so glad you found a way to keep writing about dramas without getting burnt out. Your blog adds a lot to the drama-watching experience.

    I’m looking forward to this both because of the cast and the throwback premise. I hope the writing doesn’t suck.

    Wow, Lee Mi-sook is working non-stop this year.

  2. I’m not interested by this kind of story. Surgery and lost of memory ? It’s a little bit too much. In addition, a week-end drama has a lot episodes and can be boring in the middle. They tend to finish with a happy ending where everybody is nice and the villain is forgiven…

  3. Storyline seems typical and dramatic; however, I’ll take since it stars Kim Jae Won and Jo Hyun Jae as the male leads. There are like my dream team from the early hallyu wave. Nam Sang Mi plays a good typical damsel in distress as seen in some of her other dramas. It’s nice to see a seasoned and experienced main cast for a change. There are too many dramas with idols lately. One of the reasons I’ve passed on many Kdramas these days.

  4. Its a dream casting but the story is too makjang(rich married wife doing plastic surgery+amnesia) and SBS is not very good at promoting/marketing its weekend dramas.Thats why their weekend dramas underperform.

    Also these three are under 40 actors so marital status shouldnt have any bearing on whether they will be cast on a weekend drama or weekday drama.There are many roles they could do.Even boyfriend/girlfriend ones in a mature romance drama(fantasy or melo).You could cast them in one weekday drama on public channel and they could still produce good results.The most important thing is the chemistry and good acting chops if its romance.

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