Makjang Mood Permeates Dramatic Teaser for Weekend Drama About Her with Nam Sang Mi and Kim Jae Won

There is already so much makjang slathered on upcoming SBS weekend drama About Her it might be the reason the background color looks so grey and overcast in the teaser preview. While normally the love story between a plastic surgeon and his patient under the knife feels rather icky, this time Nam Sang Mi’s character goes for a full facial re-do to escape her past and in the process loses her memories. Not sure why she isn’t suing her doctor played by Kim Jae Won for medical malpractice since she lost her memories on his surgical table hahahaha. We also get some martial arts moves from the leading lady in the teaser along with lots of angst from either forgetting her past or remembering snippets of it and not liking that. I tease but I’m actually quite entertained by About Her with its full blown throwback busload of crazies. Continue reading

SBS Weekend Drama About Her with Nam Sang Mi, Kim Jae Won, and Jo Hyun Jae Round Out Decent Supporting Cast

The moving parts that went into assembling the next SBS weekend drama unexpectedly rounded up not just leads I like but a supporting cast that’s also quite solid. Currently SBS drama Secret Mother is piling on the lies, makjang, and … Continue reading