Suzy and Lee Dong Wook Confirmed to Have Broken Up After Four Months Dating

There is really not much to comment on but since this dating news was rather surprising and buzzworthy it’s worth closing it out now. K-ent reported and later was confirmed by the agencies that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook have broken up after nearly four months of dating. My reaction is meh since I never thought they would or wouldn’t last as dating between beautiful, famous consenting adults is their business only. They did seem a random couple but looks like the initial attraction wasn’t enough to mushroom into a lasting relationship. Best of luck to each on their future romantic journeys and thanks for the short burst of gossip to liven up the doldrums.


Suzy and Lee Dong Wook Confirmed to Have Broken Up After Four Months Dating — 40 Comments

  1. I never think they date in first place like when she date lee min ho, no picture about them dating, and suzy only use him to promote her album and next drama let see if vagabond going hit or flop, next couple will break up park shin hye and choi tae joon. I hope suzy and park shin hye not going to make big scandal like yoon eun hye that will destroy career forever

  2. I’m not sure why they confirmed in the first place… People had denied with better proof against them, in the case of Suzy and LDW it vould have been easy to say they were just friends.

    • the only reason I can think of is Suzy wants to clean her image by dating an actor who can act. She also needs to fill the media gap while she has no drama airing. It is a dumb move to admit so early in a relationship, but it is of no surprise coz she normally does not process thoughts very well before blurring it all out.

  3. Hope they are okay and that it was mutual to separate and no third party was involved. That said I hope they’re having a swell time filming their respective dramas and JYP is looking after Suzy well. Lee Seung Gi has several active threads over in Soompi pairing him with Yoona and Oh Yeon Seo So I guess Suzy is gonna be added to that list now that she single? As long as Suzy and LDW are fine that’s all that matters. Their Happiness is what counts ?

    • Suzy is young and pretty, she can date whoever she wants.

      Just like this scandal oh yeon seo dating scandal with Kim bum is not true as well.
      She is dating someone else and possibly wearing a ring already. You can guess.

  4. What? Suzy and Lee Dong Wook broken up already!

    Now I worry for Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon.

    Why all these good looking couples don’t seem to last, like Hyun Bin and Kang Sora, YoonA and Lee Seung Gi….

    • Why ? They date for a longer time. And Park Shin Hye always said she will make public her relationship if it’s serious.

      I was curious why she comments on Cn Blue’s Lee JongHyun instagram. It was not because of Yonghwa, but because Lee Jonghyun and Choi TaeJoon are in the same friends group.

      • Yeah I remember Park Shin Hye said she will admit to a relationship only if she is marrying the guy so I guess she must be serious about Choi Tae Joon.
        Good, hope they last forever.

  5. Meh!!!I dont think they actually dated at all.It was probably a publicity stunt.It was amusing to see their fangirls and fanboys riled up though.

  6. We’ve been knew. Who will be the next guy to dump Suzy? Just mediaplay after mediaplay. Everyone already forgot about JYP cult scandal.

  7. Suzy was mediocre and overrated idol turned actress how dare they compare her with song hye kyo, song hye kyo despite her dating scandal/tax sxandal she has many rating hit drama. Suzy just brainless and untalented girl i think lee dong wook dumped her because her recent scandal.

    • Do u realise by saying this shk is going to get bashed not you. Just stop bringing her name cause she has nothing to do in this article.

      • Naver, nate and netizenbuzz keep mentioning shk name on suzy broke up article

  8. I knew it wouldn’t last. They were forced to date only because they got caught by Despatch. Initial meet ups weren’t considered real dates but getting to know one another. For all u know they weren’t sure yet at that point. Four months and with suzy’s packed schedule, I doubt they met much and this no progression in their relationship.

    • its not dispatch who broke the news, they didnt release pic of suzyldw dating,even psh, its not dispatch although they did release pic when psh camp denied it too quickly,thats why the guy camp admitted it,

  9. they never date in first place. suzy just using him. she still worry about her old fan leaving her. she will wait till her 30s to date. LMH will be 40 by then. PSH not like suzy. she only have one bf till now. if u dont count those shipper rumor of her dating every costar she star with.

    • keep psh name out of your dirty mouth and mind. why did suzy has to use him? suzy is clearly popular enough in korea what does PSH has to do with suzy’s dating life anyway?

  10. the comments here are mess and petty. why do people talk about things they have no idea? do you live in korea? do you live in korean entertainment world? you probably think that it’s internet and you can say anything you want right? i really hope karma will teach you how lie and gossip can hurt you and can PSH fan leave suzy alone? i’m PSH’s fan too but yall really can’t keep her out of your mouth if you love and support shin hye you should have know how hate comments are bad but yall still choose to do this with other female celebrity shame on yall.

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