K-drama Boyfriend Airing on tvN and Close to Confirming Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum

Some reports say confirmed and others say still in talks, so I’ll aggregate the two and say close to confirming if both names are still being bandied about. K-ent is reporting that upcoming romance K-drama Boyfriend has secured a time slot in the fall on cable network tvN, and the two leads Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum are still seriously considering the offers if not already accepted behind the scenes. I’m good with this pairing because clearly it was chosen for the leads top popularity and recognized acting talents, but hilariously it continues Song Hye Kyo’s aging down of her male leads. In her early career days in Hotelier and All In it was always with much older actors, then closer in age for Full House and Worlds Within and That Winter, the Wind Blows, and then aging to younger with Descendants of the Sun and now Boyfriend. I have zero problem with that same top male actors of her generation do the same with progressively younger female leads so kudos to her!


K-drama Boyfriend Airing on tvN and Close to Confirming Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum — 29 Comments

  1. In endless love, she got both ssh and wonbin, both are only some years older than her. I remember she has some other projects under her belt with some older actors. I was so surprised reading about this casting but now they confirm, hmmm.. I just dont like noona dongsaeng story, except, he’s an alien who never gets old.

  2. Also knetz maybe against the pairing now but I bet they will start loving them if the drama airs I could remember the number of negative comments on naver when the casting for dots came up but look how it ended

  3. I dunno. I kinda like this pairing but it baffles me on why would these two choose this drama out of maybe… 20 other offers given to them?

  4. I can’t feel this pairing. It just seems odd. But a lot of unlikely pairings been taken me by surprise in really really good way so I won’t rule this one out. Nevertheless, I don’t really believe that SHK and PBG will accept this offer. The drama seems too low for their levels.

  5. I have to say, For the first time ever, I’m actually looking forward for this Song Hye Ko drama. The storyline and the cast is promising. Age gap? Screw that! There are so many K-dramas that has male leads who is like 20-30 years older than the female lead, and people eat that all up. It’s time for a noona/ahjumma-donsaeng concept to take the spotlight. And stop with the Park Bo Gum is like a baby, He looks way younger than Song Hye Kyo. Park Bo Gum looks like his age and Song Hye Kyo is gorgeous as always. Can’t wait for the naysayers to eat all their words up, because I feel that this drama will do good.

  6. I guess seeing how Pretty Noona became the hottest drama in the first half of 2018, they probably think they can’t go wrong with another noona romance. Korean viewers seem to loooooove noona romances.

  7. “i hve zero problem…..so kudos to her”. It looks like its acceptable to have a wide age gap since its SHK Just look back at previous comments on other female leads with the same type of pairing. So, whether age gap is considered an issue hinges on whether an actress is at the height of her popularity. If she is everything is okay. If she is not then its a big no no.

      • I hope no one take my comment in a wrong way. I love “My Ajusshi” to the moon and back. I am definitely on the “romance” camp, and I see “My Ajusshi” as one of the most beautiful & romantic dramas despite its almost zero skinship.
        If SHK signs in this upcoming drama, I sincerely hope the writer and director can do her some justice and not making her another version of Bab Noona. SHK’s brand image is too valuable to be casted in a sleazy romance drama.

  8. I wish both would reconsider this.The main problem for me is not even making these two an OTP or the age gap but the writer.This is the same writer who wrote “Bel Ami”(Pretty Man) starring Jang Geun Suk and IU, and “Entertainer” starring Ji Sung and Hyeri.Both dramas I didnt like very much.

    The synopsis and title sounds like this could be a rom com, melodrama or a “realistic romance” like Pretty Noona starring Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin..Now these two have mega star power and visuals so they will be banking on this to sell the drama and get ratings.The plot will be very thin.

    If this is a hit, its also probably going to benefit PBG more than SHK.Just like JHI got a lot more out of “Pretty Noona” than Son Ye Jin.Frankly, id rather see SHK in a melo thriller like “Misty” or femalecentric drama like “Mother” where she can challenge her acting skills and upgrade them.PBG is still young so he can afford to be in fluffy and cutesy dramas but I really loved his acting in that drama where he acted like a psychopath.I dont remember the name.

    • @RubyRed – that’s what puts me off about this project too, the writer. With that track record, both the actors should be running in the opposite direction from this – especially Song Hye Kyo, who’s going from projects penned by Noh Hee Kyung and Kim Eun Sook to….the writer of Pretty Man and Entertainer.

      Both PBG and SHK have had a pretty decent eye for dramas so far so maybe this script is different? I hope so anyway.

  9. It’s not that big an age gap, look at Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri’s 20 year age gap in Mr Sunshine. A 12 year gap seems quite normal considering Park Bogum is already 25 years old and this will probably be a noona romance.

    (And at least that is better than dramas that cast a teenage actress with men 10-15 years older and insult our intelligence by claiming their characters are the same age….do those guys think we don’t have eyes?)

    • It is a noona romance but I don’t think the age gap will be 12 years maybe 5 years. I don’t see why teen actresses can’t be paired with older actors if teen actor or even those in their early 20s are paired with older actresses. Acting is just acting so what is the big deal? It happens all the time in Hollywood dramas with no one having any problems. The Fanning sisters were cast opp older men throughout their career but no one complained. Even conservative countries like India have cast teen actresses opposite actors who are 20 years older as love interests with whom they get married. This mental block against actresses can’t be cast opposite much older men needs to end. Its normal in every society to have a cast where one side is much older than the other.

      • ….even casting 15 year old with 30 year olds?

        Several of the teen actresses I mentioned were minors aged 14-16, being cast opposite men who were 30 or close to it, I don’t think it’s right to normalise the image of teenagers/minors as romantic interests to much older men.

      • You don’t have to normalize it because its already normal. TV has only now started to show things that happen in normal life. I had a classmate in school who dated a 27 year old when she was only 15.

  10. Its just… ewwww. Almost like Song Joong i having a posessive streak and choosing the next costar his wife can kiss. Here… if you are gonna kiss and make out with anyone, you better do it with my dongseng instead. Incestrous really on every level. If PBG wasnt such a prominent part of the couple’s life, the ewww factor is probably less. But…

    • I would be side eyeing the hell out of song joong ki if he was really being like that.One, she is more senior than him in acting(two decades) and several hit projects under her belt where as he has been acting for 8 years and only has three hit projects with him as a lead.Also even though, DOTS pushed SJK’s celebrity status to stratosphere.He is still in the A-list category just like many other actors.On the other hand, SHK is a S-tier actress which is slightly above the A-listers.The most important is that she is older than him, therefore even as a married woman in a conservative society and SJK is a man.I think she should have freedom to run her career in the way she thinks is best for her.But Id like to think SJK is not that controlling and dumb.

  11. What a dumb title ‘Boyfriend’ and from the synopsis it reads more like ‘Sugar Mama’. And I reckon it will run along the same lines as My Ahjussi. If it’s zero skinship it will work if the relationship is that of camaraderie and a deep strong friendship. Then nek minute there’s a Soompi couple thread with SHK and PBG. ?

    • Lol. Please don’t even compare any drama esp a rom-com with My Ajusshi. Whatever sketicism people have about MA will be wiped away once they watch this work of arts.

      • @Alexa- Sorry I’m not comparing I should be more specific. BF I believe is riding on the success of MA and will be the female equivalent of MA just like Chocola claimed above.

  12. I am very surprised SHK would accept this drama with that writer, this is such a big downgrade from DOTS… At her level, she won’t need to make any more sleezy fluffy rom-com. She should sign on some high profile international movies instead.

  13. It’s gonna be another Temperature of Love and Something in the Rain. Good actors, but nonexistent plot. But this writer is something actors would like to work with. Just look at her films.

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