K-actor Won Bin Has an Epic Bad Hair Day at Fan Meeting Event in Seoul

Whenever I have a bad hair day or even see someone with a bad hair day, I will think “at least it wasn’t Won Bin on July 2nd!”. The legendary, somewhat mythical, K-actor made a rare appearance at a brand CF fan meeting and gave the media and his fans something to talk about. It wasn’t the usual chatter about his astonishingly handsome and unaging good looks, this time the man could not rise about the hair as Won Bin took rolled right out of bed and left the house to a whole ‘nother level of WTF. His hair was a mess of long, permed, frizzy massive bird’s nest around his noggin, like a Puli that got air dried attached itself to his head. The look is so unfortunate but I’m guessing Won Bin got paid tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a few hours of work so he’s laughing back at us as we collectively mock his bad hair sense.


K-actor Won Bin Has an Epic Bad Hair Day at Fan Meeting Event in Seoul — 32 Comments

  1. It doesn’t look good but I like him and think him a very talented actor (despite being extremely good looking, these usually don’t go together)

  2. WOW! He hasn’t aged regardless of hiding in those mythical mountains!! What youth elixir did he discover while trekking those mountainous regions in Korea?!!

  3. I don’t have words with regards to his look. He doesn’t look like he cares either. But I am truly baffled why is he taking such a long hiatus from acting. For such an in-demand actor like him, I don’t believe for a second that he is not getting meaty offers. It’s truly a waste that he does not fully utilize his talent.

    And on totally separate matter…@Ms. Koala, I am surprised why you have not covered about Lawless Lawyer’s achievement since this is Lee Jun Ki we are talking about? LL made an impressive exit netting very high ratings at 8.9%, even surpassing “Misty” which surprised me and ofc this is news because finally, our dearest LJK has a legit hit drama which is long overdue. So happy for him and the rest of the team.

    • @Alexa- Yes Finally someone has mentioned it. I’ve been checking out the site more often then usual hoping that LL might be given a mere mention but just nada. LJK and the cast n crew surely knocked that one for a six finally securing the spot for 10th position for top cable tv drama which is a great feat at 8.9%. Plus it’s been sold to 8 countries. Soompi were plugging it so I’m happy that they were active in their articles. LL has ended and now I feel like I’ve been skydiving these past 12 weeks and I landed with a massive thud and the only thrill I have is the under 5 merry go round. Thank goodness I stockpiled WWWSK; About time; Wok of love; Rich man and My Ahjussi. ?

      • I highly recommend “My Ajusshi” but I suggest you catch up with the easier dramas first. MA has officially destroyed my drama watching experience. I still have so many dramas stalling because I just couldn’t get invested and keep comparing them with MA which has set the bar sky-high for being a masterpiece. It’s not easy to get MA out of your system and am not exaggerating. It’s beyond masterful.

        Anyway, high five for LL success and LJK ofc.

      • Totally agree with you, Alexa. As much as i love LJK, i still can’t help but loving My Ajusshi more than LL. Seriously will take a long time to get over it.

        Yes, Hajunses are beyond thrilled that LJK finally scored the long awaited hits drama. But we’re so bugged by those crazy Moon Lovers shippers. Like OMG, can’t they see that LJK is trying to sell the romance sidestory in LL? They incessantly posted anything ML related and tag LL as well. Good job for being such a**holes, shippers. If Lee SunGyun were still single, i would have created accounts to ship him with IU, not because of their off chart chemistry in MA, just to spite those crazy shippers. And now there’s a BongHa shippers to join the foray. Hurray??? :/
        Just date and get married already, JKsshi. And give those shippers something to wail about.

        Okay… So that I’m not completely talking unrelated stuffs here. Won Bin still looks the same as he was in Autumn in My Heart. Don’t really got distracted with his hair tho. Oh and I read somewhere that he’s actually really retired from acting. Too bad. He’s like my first korean actor crush…

  4. I think he is good looking and talented but I also think he is the most overrated thing in S Korean entertainment industry.
    I mean there are many handsome, charismatic and skilled actors in Korea he is not better than them. It’s not like he has an outstanding personality. I read and saw all of his interview and people’s account and never found him special.
    He is free to make the choice of working or retiring or taking a long hiatus. People should give up on him for the time being.

  5. Hahaha reminds me of that pictorial Gong Yoo did not too long ago.This hairdo is tragic but somehow him and Gong Yoo still manage to look like the adorable, cute and handsome ahjussis you want to hug and carry home even when wearing this hairstyle.Age has been good to him.He is a very handsome man.

    Ok that said, since this is an acting blog.I have the urge to talk about his acting career.I think he needs to man up and come clean with his fans.Surely, he isnt still reviewing scripts after eight years.If he retired or scared to make a comeback because he is afraid his career would sink if his project flops or he doesnt meet peole’s super high expectations of him.He should just say so next time he is interviewed about why he isnt acting when he still calls himself an actor.

  6. Who the hell is Won Bin? Sorry guys you know I’m only 2 1/2 years old in K drama land with my training wheels on. And I know you’re going to school me on what an amazing actor he used to be. But I’m from the Pacific Islands so that hairstyle is very normal where I’m from. So he’s either been lost in the bush or he’s growing it out for an upcoming drama/film.

    • Won Bin is one of earliest but reluctant Hallyu oppa who made his marks at Korean cinema. He is the second lead in K-classic “Autumn In My Heart” along with Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Heun and another one is the Korea-Japan (during FIFA 2002) drama “Friends” opposite Kyoko Fukada.

      He has string of hits and critically acclaimed movies, most famous is “Ajusshi” (aka The Man From Nowhere). That was his last performance and has been on long hiatus until now. But he is still highly regarded in K-ent not only for his talent but always, that good look. I always find his look similar to Kimutaku of Japan and Jerry Yan of Taiwan.

    • He’s a beautiful mythical creature who only resurfaces every few months. His first ever claim to fame was Autumn In My Heart back in 2000, where he crushed everyone’s hearts with the most epic case of Second Lead Syndrome. And that drama was one of the first ever Hallyu hits that were broadcasted all around the Asia-Pacific region. I can distinctly remember watching it dubbed in our native language around 2001 or so, with Won Bin giving teenage me so many fluttering feels. After a few years in dramaland, he transitioned to making movies full-time, though still not many, to be honest. His most famous movies are Ahjussi, Taegukgi (with Jang Donggun), and Mother. His last movie was Ahjussi back in 2010, with his co-star being 10-year-old Kim Saeron, who is all grown up now, further emphasizing just how long his hiatus has been. He appears from time to time in high profile product endorsements though.

    • This man is not even old yet, but in basic term, he was one of the original god father of the term “Hallyu star. ” LOL !

      • He’s far from being called ‘Hallyu’ much more being called Godfather of Hallyu. He only did a handful of projects and had one highly aclaimed movie with on decent box office hit of 6m admissions. He is just overrated which I don’t understand why?

  7. I read one of his interview about people saying that he only relies from CF for livelihood. He said it’s not the case because he is actually busy with his business.

    He is a retired actor just doing CF as side job so big deal.

  8. For him to have a fanmeet means he’s preparing to act again? Otherwise, what’s the point. Maybe it’s a gauge to see if his fans are still waiting for him these 8 long years. Big names doesn’t guarantee box office success but at least half the battle is won.

    Despite the ugly mop, his good looks cannot be denied. I noticed he always tries to uglify himself all the time. He doesn’t need to dress up and he’s still handsome.

  9. I love this look. His hair is glorious and makes me want to run my fingers through it to get it to behave! He is like a grown up Mowgli spotted on the street and signed to a 7 figure modeling contract.

  10. i like his confidence smile, and he still handsome too. he remain me with spike spiegel in cowboy bebop and sakata gintoki. and that’s cool.

      • He is known for being Kimura look alike for a long time. Now Won Bin disappeared people forgot about the resemblence. I always prefered Kimura over him.

  11. I honestly don’t see how this is a bad hair day. I guess because I don’t see curly hair that’s not “tamed” as a bad thing.

  12. LOL, terrible hairstyle but plenty of compliments here because handsome ajhusshi can do no wrong in the eyes of women. If an actress carried something similar, I’m sure the comments here won’t be so forgiving.

    • Omg puhleese I could give a rat’s bum who Wonbin is or whether he is handsome or not. But some of us like a natural look rather than the super plastic with no hair or of place look. Actresses actually rock the “horrible” look quite often in dramas. For awhile there was the trend to dress and style terribly with no makeover through the whole drama. (She Was Pretty, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon)

      Also, I’d say about 60% of the comments are complaints. So no, Wonbin is not getting special treatment. Some people just happen to have a different opinion about it. No need to try to feel superior just because you disagree.

      • Natural??? He looks like he has come out of an oven. Over baked and electrocuted hair.

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