PD of K-drama Lovely Horribly Makes Wholly Insensitive Remark Comparing Bad Acting to Sewol Ferry Grieving Parents

Sometimes what’s said is so so bad it’s hard to apologize enough to walk back the permanent impression of how awful a person must be to have said it. The PD of upcoming drama Lovely Horribly is in hot water for a remark that was made on the filming of the drama where he was criticizing an unnamed female actress for her tearful acting when wanting her to have a brighter portrayal, asking why she had the expression of the family of deceased Sewol ferry victims. OMFG are you serious? Dude, get the fuck out and I hope doors permanent slam behind you forever. His remark was made public by a crew member who took major offensive to the insensitively and complete inappropriate mention of the Sewol ferry disaster, and apparently lots of people were upset from the set who heard it. The Sewol ferry sinking remains one of South Korea’s biggest disasters with the deaths of hundreds of high school students and other ferry riders.


PD of K-drama Lovely Horribly Makes Wholly Insensitive Remark Comparing Bad Acting to Sewol Ferry Grieving Parents — 19 Comments

  1. I’m gobsmacked. It’s actually hard to be that insensitive. I pity his poor family, and of course the families of the Sewol tragedy– they’ve been through so much. Thanks to that comment and the fact that it stars PSH, I might start thinking of this drama as “Horribly, Inappropriately”.

    Btw, why does PSH’s face look so different in that second shot? It’s not just the hair.

  2. Well this shows the PD is such an insensitive jerk. Should be removed immediately. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes and then you will know what one goes through.

  3. I read the pd is a female, not a ‘he’. Pd’s name is Kang Min Kyung. And it is VERY insensitive. And she only apologized after it became viral.

  4. All these so called controvery are becoming more cheap. Although it’s an insensitive comment from the pd but seriously it’s a waste of space.

    • How is this revelation a waste of space? The PD is seriously wrong to consider that the extreme grief of parents who lost their children in a sinking incident and who couldn’t immediately recover their bodies (even some of them still haven’t found their children’s corpses) is a comparasion for “exaggerated” acting.

    • I don’t really see causing controversies in a drama set as a trend because in my knowledge, there were only a few this year (Return, Four Men and now Lovely Horribly). And this news instead made me turned off by the drama.

  5. As another poster said, I think the PD is a woman, not a dude. It was insensitive but I’m rather surprised it went public making me wonder if there isn’t a good vibe on the set overall. It will be uncomfortable for the actress who was getting criticized for her acting because they gave such detail on the scene being discussed that it is going to be obvious when it is aired.

  6. A PD who cast Park Shi Hoo and then made an insensitive and tasteless comparison with an actresses acting to Sewol ferry tragedy parents’ feelings? Not surprised. A trash PD and Song Jihyo must have really lost all her money to think that acting with Park shi hoo was a good idea…

  7. The PD must have foot in mouth disease to even say something as horrid, thoughtless and downright dumb in the first place. She had a brain fart that somehow made its way to her vocal cords. Gosh how tactless! Then the crew member decided to make it public and viola we gave a drama controversy to lead us into the premiere! Way to go people that’s a great way to get free publicity.

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