K-ent Reports that Why Secretary Kim Costars Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon Have Been Dating for Three Years

This is totally breaking news so we’ll see how their respective agencies respond once the media machine goes into full drive when everyone in South Korea wakes up. One K-ent newspaper Sports DongA is reporting on its print edition, which was leaked after it came off the presses overnight, that Why Secretary Kim costars Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon are dating and have been for the past three years. Come again? Apparently they were super secretive and kept it even closer under wraps during Secretary Kim. Fans who have speculated that they were dating in real life have unearthed the usual SNS trove of “evidence” including maybe a couple’s bracelet and quite a few instances where the two have been in the same overseas locale such as California and Hong Kong at around the same time. I’ll wait to see how their reps answer this sure to be bombshell news and if they are dating then so much squee for them!


K-ent Reports that Why Secretary Kim Costars Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon Have Been Dating for Three Years — 47 Comments

  1. Wowzer!! They are so cute together but I see the BTS of “Miss Kim” and they both come off as very professional. As a matter of fact, they seem so distant & often not having much eye contact. It’s either they are very cautious or simply just doing their job as actor.

    Very interesting, if this is true, I totally would SUPPORT!!!

  2. LOL… after all those comments that PSJ has better chemisty with HJE in KMHM. hahaha… I am actually quite disappointed at the last 2 eps of WSK, they are draggy and now I know why some are saying this drama has no plot, when it drags, it gets worse. At least the writer could develop the side characters better… Anyhow I am happy for them, those shippers got their wish granted even before the drama aired. Cheers!

  3. If it’s true, happy for them But when i remember that Lee Jun Ki was Under fire because of not saying that he was dating in the show with Park min Young ( probably dating her too ). Are you proud of you Knetizens ?

    • That’s the reason why netizens and shippers should just mind their own love life and let celbrities do the work they are paid for without judging their personal life.Just my opinion.

    • I also thought of that incident..If both were dating their respective partners during that show, it just demonstrates how good they both are as actors to portray such chemistry during a reality program.

    • @cahill I agree.I left a long comment to reply to you but it didnt go through.Maybe it will come up later.Anyway I was saying yeah, this was what I thought of immediately.Not to mention, Park Seo Joon and Lee Jun Ki shared one award and therefore the same stage at the “Asian Artist Awards” last year.They were even joking about how they would like to do a bromance in a movie together.Park Min Young was there too.I cant imagine what was going through their minds at that time if all parties knew about each other’s real life relationships at the time.The hate he got for being in that show was unnecessary.But anyway past is past.All.are doing well.If PSJ and PMY are really dating.Congrats!!!

    • Those stupid netizens who couldn’t understand the format of the show. My Ear’s Candy was made to be romantic and what the heck were they thinking? LJK and PMY are actors and the good ones some more. They were just playing along their already great chemistry especially that their segment’s ratings were the highest. So sad that LJK got so much flakes over nothing and luckily, he managed to achieve new career high with LL.

  4. I read it on Soompi, unfortunately they both have denied the dating news. If they are dating, good for them.. if they are not, oh well.. Life goes on.. let’s move on.

  5. Park Seo Joon’s agency denied.But Song Song also denied dating but just confirmed marriage.But even if it was true, he has to deny to protect his status and Park Min Young too.The netizens will be after her because of “My Ear Candy”.Lee Jun Ki got a lot of hate because of that show(He & PMY’s chemistry was fire)
    when his real life relationship with his now ex Hye Bin came out.They were symphathising with Park Min Young.Now if it turns out she was really dating Park Seo Joon for three years.I dont know what they would say to her.It would be ugly.Her new found popularity would sink to the ocean ground.Same for Park Seo Joon.Park Seo Joon and Lee Jun Ki also met and shared an award on stage last year at Asia Artist Award. Park Min Young was there too.The whole thing is mind blowing.

    @Cahill is right, people need to let actors do their job and stop playing matchmakers and being too obsessed with shipping to point of delusion.These are real people and they have a right to date without people all up in their business.

    If its true Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young.Go ahead y’all.Both are 30+.They are grown.

    • @Ruby Red – You hit the nail on he head! I got quite miffed at LJK for that whole set up and really felt for PMY in My Ear Candy (Dumb title sorry reminds me of Ear wax yuck!) Anyway I thought I hope she finds love and happiness too because she deserves it and then umm yeah she’s supposedly dating PSJ and LJK was dating JHB ahh so my empathy was for nothing and I feel foolish. Gosh I’m so gullible ?

  6. I find it really hard to believe. Not only cause they denied but more because I find it hard to believe that they would sign on to work on the same drama if they were really dating.

    I love the YJ-MS couple so much but I know it doesn’t translate into real life. Best of luck to both in all their future endeavors. The bulldozer couple will always have a special place in my heart.

    • The couple from “welcome to waikiki” did.But still they worked with different partners not together.As for these two, its in their best interests to deny even if it were true.They are both experiencing career highs now.Park Seo Joon is expanding his hallyu status.The other has just experienced a popularity boost and they are now respecting her more as an actress and appreciating her beauty than before. A public relationship at this point is not a good idea unless they intend to marry each other anytime soon.If its fake news, it will fade soon and people will move on.

  7. When I first saw the news before seeing the denials, I thought hmm.. this isn’t right. During the behind the scenes footage of their kiss scenes, PMY is always the one to bounce away from the scene and looks kind of uncomfortable during the aftermath. So it made me wonder if she was the one dating (not PSJ) secretly.

  8. I was expecting the finale to hit the roof, at least surpassed 9% since this romcom been consistently staying around 8% figure and not to mention how buzzy it is. But then, I understand why. The last four episodes were terrible. The only thing they did were making out and just complete filler episodes. In the end, my take from this drama is that Kim Mi So achieved nothing outside of the realm of Lee Yong Joon. Well, she got the man, though and that was it.

    • You are right. She wanted to quit to find a man, then she found one and she still has to work for that man. Crap!!! I would quit. The webtoon offers more to everyone else’s stories, this drama sucks in the end ?

  9. LOL are we getting ParkPark Couple denial just like SongSong Couple?

    PSJ has already done his military and PMY isn’t exactly young so we might get wedding news come Christmas hahaha…

    • No honey park seo-joon has dating rumor with baek jin hee, hyorin sistar and now park min young.i doubt he will make public relationship when he still peak on career.

    • Let’s wait and see. PMY is not at SHK level though.,.. beauty wise & status wise…. just saying! There’s still a lot to work on in both of their careers.

      • Level of SHK? Who are these fans who decides what levels celebs are on? For sure SHK is overrated. With current beauty look, PMY is far more beautiful than SHK though. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • @MistyEyes lol u mad? Just because you think SHK is overrated doesn’t mean other people’s opinion is invalid. Doesn’t matter what ifans think of her but Koreans regard her as one of the SSS-tier actresses..with JJH and KHS. Yes, she’s probably not as talented as the other two but there are other reasons to be considered as well. And while i do agree that PMY is also pretty..SHK has always been seen as one of the most beautiful actresses. Don’t blame her if your beauty standard isn’t the same as those people in SK. I really don’t wanna argue about her looks because it sounds immature and you also said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..but you should realise that people have different views on things. Lol

      • @MistyEyes – Shut up if you don’t know what level SHK is at. PMY is not even in any movie that’s worth mentioning. I am not a fan. I am talking about objective career facts now. If you think PMY is more beautiful than SHK, then that’s your opinion, which is all so subjective. Status wise, I dare you can argue who is at a higher level which is so obvious.

      • @candycane Your cheap mouth has become too obvious. Status? CF- maybe she has maintained the statusquo but acting projects oh well being an actor is probably no longer her main occupation but relegated herself as commercial model.

        @sunshine Didn’t I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I didn’t argue I am just stating another opinion to remind some people who thinks their opinions represent the majority.

        And re PS Do you really think SHK didn’t have any? I am not saying she had something done on her but we don’t know for sure.

      • @MistyEyes – why is my mouth cheap when all I did is to express my opinion? I am not a fan. SHK has a drama upcoming so I do not know what you are talking about “being an actor is probably no longer her main occupation”. Stop showing your ignorance. You are the one needed to be reminded that “some people who thinks their opinions represent the majority”. You just like to say the opposite in most of your stupid comments which has no credibility whatsoever.

      • @MistyEyes Judging by your comments I’d say you clearly don’t know anything about SHK..well, there’s no point in arguing then. 🙂

      • Well let me remind you SHK only does acting project one every 3 years. In fact DOTS was filmed in 2015. Clearly, acting has become her secondary occupation.

    • Exactly. Same thing happens with Song Song couple. Denied denied denied and then boom, they announced their wedding date. Time will tell. Although, when you check out their ig updates, too many coincidences – both of them in one city (overseas) almost at the same time or overlapped. PSJ for work and PMY for vacation.

  10. Park min young cheap woman, she doing so many plastic surgery. You can find her children photo and compare her face before and after plastic surgery.

    • And so what if she’s done plastic surgery? As long as she delivers with great acting, making the show more enjoyable, why can’t we overlook the plastic surgery? Your comment and tone just make you sound cheap.

    • Yes and? It’s still her face now and she looks damn beautiful. Did she make you have surgery along with her or…what’s the problem?

      On top of that if she didn’t have surgery and somehow was able to pursue her craft and be a well known actress (because we all know the ridiculous beauty standards for women in entertainment), you and many others would probably be tearing down her looks. Damned if you do…

  11. Gosh I go away for a day and BOOM dating news only to be denied by both parties. So I quickly go to Soompi to find out more and it’s like every other celebrity that gets sprung only to deny it so I’m like good on them for trying to keep it under wraps for so long. I love dating news between celebs but then again I dislike the whole ‘breaking’ up scenario ‘due to busy work schedules but have decided to support each other as friends’ Ah shut up next time with your build ups!

  12. Hahaha netizens still aren’t buying it (of course based on Instagram posts)!! God I want it to be true SOOO badly but they have denied it so I will accept it for now and respect their privacy. My ships never sail anyway *sobs in HwanHye*

    • Lol. HwanHye is history. I still believe (in my heart) that HwanHye did actually dated at some point, unfortunately the ship tanked halfway. I only have one ship left now *Kim-Kim* but I have a feeling that I was just deluded by the good acting.

      • Haha I was mostly joking, I definitely agree that they dated for awhile after LTM ended but things didn’t work out. I was hoping for some public acknowledgement that they were dating but they probably didn’t date long enough for that to happen and/or their agencies wanted to keep it hush hush.

        Which ship is Kim-Kim?

      • Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong. Their chemistry in LUTYN is just lit. Almost a year after the drama ended and now that I am sober, I think nothing actually happened. They were just simply good actors and worked so well together. I never shipped any actors after HwanHye until the arrival of Kim-Kim. But then, my Leo and Kate ship also already sanked at the bottom of the ocean together with Titanic long time ago. Lol.

  13. Goodness! If it’s true I’m so happy for them, but I’m leaning towards not believing it cause their body language on set and behind the scenes is so professional. They do have chemistry but not the kind that screams “I’m into you in real life”(like the 2 Parks in Strong Woman Do Bong Soo), it’s more like “Let’s work well together to sell the drama” kind of chemistry. My guess is that news cycles want to piggy back off the wedding glitter of ep. 16. But we should do well to separate fact from fiction.

  14. With you Adal. You summed it up well.

    When I read the news yesterday … it was exactly this:
    “let’s work well to sell the drama” kinda chemistry NOT the
    “I am into you in real life” (which yes Strong Women Bong Soo sort of gave.

    In fact despite their chemistry, some of their almost-there scenes were kinda stilted.

    The only scene which stood out really is the actual bed scene, which seemed a little more spontaneous and credible. Until he started ripping off his shirt (like a some CF pose moment) 😛

  15. I am incline to believe that is all media play and media play, as many K- artists do after a successful drama air to keep themselves relevant and the drama hot in the market.
    No blame to knetizens , I-netizens , shpipperes or deluded fans, because these actors/actresses play mind games and feed them, either through IG’s posts, with wearing alike clothes, jewelries, their cfs, be absent work and on vacations at the same time, comments, pretend to send secretive messages, to keep themselves relevant in the industry and their work saling! Even though , I find these type behavior childish, immature, disrespectful to fans that truly suppprt and cherish they work with all honest , part of me want to believe that few do it to really protect their private not so private life. Because , regardless of what is going on in their industry with dispatch or other media source, I know by facts, that those artists , if they want they can keep their private life away for the public eyes. Or approach it with all honesty , and cut all the crap from the root, and change the “infested “ “scandal” culture, as many honest and confident artists have done.
    PMY has done a great job through this drama, and has put herself up there high with her excellent and honest work only. I hope she will continiing fighting for that. The worse thing in a human life, it is Karma, it will take you high and then plunge you down.

    • Well said, PMY should start involving more in movies now, build her resume as a movie actress rather than staying in kdrama rom-com mode which is a dead end road (despite the high rating of WSK) ?

    • Hard and I agree if a celeb couple want to keep their relationship secret they will and no one will be the wiser. I know for a FACT that there is a K couple that were outed (few years ago) and quickly denied their dating status as more then just close work colleagues and then from there you never heard a peep out of either of them. But you can tell and IG is a great source of evidence that they are together and it’s just a blessing in disguise that they are both doing well and are highly respected in their industry. You don’t have to be so blatant and obvious like PSJ and PMY who knew their IG posts were linking them as a couple. They wanted their relationship known and don’t tell me otherwise. Good luck now that everyone is focused on them now. What next? Gosh I live for the day when K celebs can date with no controversy and negativity and it’s no news for us. It will be like another day in the park.

      • And no I’m not referring to Lee Jun Ki and IU if that’s who sprung to mind!!! Gosh over it.

    • @scar09 I blame the inets, knets, shippers and obssesive fans more than the artists tho.This “scandal” rubbish happens because these people dont know where to draw the line between supporting and liking an artist and his work.And being overly intrusive, delusional and controlling.Of course, there are some artists who mediaplay their relationships or private life to stay relevant.But those are the ones who have less star power or those who are not confident with their acting or music talent to keep themselves relevant.

      I dont see an actor/actress keeping a “single status” public image while dating discreetly or “insta flirting” with significant other as playing mind games or lacking honesty.If they are denying, they must have their reasons.A sincere fan will support and respect their bias irrespective of his relationship status and whether they keep it under wraps or date openly.Only in East Asian entertainment where artist dating is like a sin or a deadly criminal offense.This is ridiculous to anyone who has been exposed to bollywood, Hollywood or even South East Asian eintertainment.

      Their industry is cut-throat.You need to play your cards well if you want to stay relevant for a long time or you will be replaced.There are others who are so gifted and kind of lucky that marriage or dating has nothing on their careers like Jun Ji Hyun, Ji Sung, Jang Hyuk.Then there are others who know that once they get married or dating, their marketability will go down and acting role choices will reduce. Hence they are holding on to singledom as long as possible even when they are almost pushing to 40 or 40+,like Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Son Ye Jin(could be preference too) and others..

      The summary:These people need to chill.These are celebrities but also human with regular human needs like love, sex and companionship.Most of them are young too.No one has the right to dictate to them how they should go about satisfying those needs unless they are committing crimes to get them.Fans also need to understand that its not a crime to want fame and follow their passion but also seek personal hapiness.As long as they are puttting out good work.There is no need to act like salty psychopath girlfriends just because an “oppar” or “eonnie” is dating.

      • @RubyRed I see that you said the same thing that a said, just word differently plus more.

  16. Definitely very late to this thread but I believe they were at least lovers for a time. Ep 13 the way she tells him what to do without saying anything shows a level of intimacy that makes me think they definitely have done this before. They bodies showed a sense of longing in the wide shots. PMS is one of my fav female k drama actresses because she never backs down or looks timid but for their show together it is more then not backing down her body language shows a instinctual want and desire. Yes in that moment her character is suppose to show want but the intimacy seemed too natural to be just acting.

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