Park Seo Joon and Son Ye Jin Voted Best Drama Stars in First Half of 2018

The votes are in for a big audience poll assessing how South Koreans view the drama and pop stars of 2018 thus far. The Best Actress list starts with Son Ye Jin at the top, followed by Jung Yumi, Kim Nam Joo, and IU. Best Actor sees Park Seo Joon on top, then Jung Hae In and Jo Jing Woong. Audience favorite dramas so far are Prison Playbook in the lead, then Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain), Why Secretary KimMy Golden Life, with My Ahjusshi coming in fifth. Best Idol group has BTS in the lead by a long shot. I totally think Jung Hae In would have won the poll if it was taken two months earlier, but with his Baeksang controversy and also Park Seo Joon’s incredible buzz these past two months with Why Secretary Kim, the vote reflects this period of interest in K-ent.


Park Seo Joon and Son Ye Jin Voted Best Drama Stars in First Half of 2018 — 20 Comments

  1. Actually Secretary Kim was 3rd with 20%, Golden Life was 4th with 18% and My Ahjussi was 5th with 17%.

    You skipped Sec Kim on your list 🙂
    I hope Park Min Young was also in that list somewhere, she brought her A+ game in Kim Bisoo

  2. My fave this year is hands down LEE SEON KYUN. He is an underrated actor but so amazingly good. Whatever the poll is, My Ajusshi still ranks highest in my list.

    • He is a well respected actor just not a popular oppa. That doesn’t mean he is underrated. He just doesn’t get cf offers or salaries like hyun bin because he doesn’t have chocolate boy looks. He wins plenty of critically acclaimed awards which is good enough.

      • I know that. But Jo Jin Woong made it in the list and he is of the same level with LSK but with no drama since Signal. That’s my point exactly.

      • I don’t think it’s a drama list per se. It’s an acting list both drama and movies. Or so I think.

      • I know right. But again, LSK is always underrated and not the oppa category. I am just surprised that JJW made it in the list.

  3. For me, My Mister was 1st … IU and Lee SeonKyun were delightful … And Secretary Kim was 2, Parkminyoung was always a delight, the rest of the dramas were okay

  4. Glad to see Prison Playbook getting so much love, but I’m sad that Mother didn’t make the top five, and I’m surprised that Pretty Noona did so well because I thought a lot of Koreans complained about the second half, too. #1 in my book is My Ajusshi– at least it made the top five.

  5. Surprised that so many people like why Secretary Kim. For me, it is not worth watching. Shallow storey line and so boring.Really Park Seo Joon didnt act well. Dont think he is able to pull off the cold,unfeeling and self centred boss image. Find it hard to watch.

  6. I am not surprised with the result. Pretty Noona and Secretary Kim rank so high despite being plotless with plenty of making out. That says a lot on the preference of the korean public in general.

    In my list, no drama can beat My Ajusshi yet this year. Idc about this list, I want to see MA getting the merit it so greatly deserved in next Baeksang and I am all rooting for Lee Seon Gyun. No other actor this year could even come close to achieve his level of spectacular performance.

  7. And yet I have a feeling he will be overlooked again in favor of actors like Lee Byung Hun,Jo Seung Woo, Ji Sung, Hyun Bin. Not that they are not great actors, but so is LSK. And what more should he do to get recognized over these flashier actors?

    • This I agree with. Ji Sung not much luck, he has almost been consistently overlooked by Baeksang.

      I still hope LSK will win Best Actor. My Ajusshi may not have the highest rating but so was Secret Forest but the praises for MA are pretty much unanimous. Fingers crossed that MA will be handsomely rewarded and so as LSK.

      • MA has a higher chance of being nominated for baeksang best directing or writing or both.But for acting, between IU and LSK.IU is the one who has a better chance for a nomination.Not because he wasnt good.He was great and had acting chemistry with IU.But her character was more memorable.Lee Ji An was the one people were talking about more. Maybe other awards like Seoul Drama Awards, Korean Drama Awards, etc then he has a better chance.

        What will be the travesty is TVN and JtBC submitting Park Seo Joon’s or Jung Hae In’s name for baeksang best actor nomination and winning over the actors @KS has mentioned just because their dramas had alot of buzz.Again, am not saying they didnt act well(they did well).However, their role rely more on their chemistry with their co-star than because they had alot to work with(range, depth,complexity).If they have to win awards for their dramas, it would have to be couple awards or popularity awards.Although I think Park Min Young deserve to be nominated for best actress even if someone else wins it.She carried Secretary Kim.I think Park Seo Joon has a higher chance of winning international awards like APAN, Seoul International Drama Awards and others of that kind.

        I am also rooting for Jung Kyung Ho for “Life on Mars” and Lee Jun Ki for “Lawless Lawyer”. The former(LOM) has ok ratings and great reviews.The latter(LL) has ok reviews and great ratings.These two guys have the worst luck with award ceremonies.It doesnt have to be baeksang either.Korea has so many awards.I am just hoping they dont get sidelined again.Jung Kyung Ho consistently chooses good scripts but rarely acknowledged while his buddy consistently puts out consistent acting performances but bare acknowledgement.I am also rooting for the writer of “Miss Hammurabi” and No Hee Kyung for “Live”.I hope they dont get passed over for Kin Eun Sook because the cast and cinematography in Sunshine are the ones carrying the drama not the script.

        There are no standout performances for the actresses so far(March to July) to me this year.But I am guessing maybe for best actress, the ones who could get something will be Kim Tae Ri, Park Min Young, or maybe the ones from earlier like Lee Bo Young and Kim Nam Joo.Or maybe the upcoming dramas like Song Hye Kyo, Seo Hyun Jin, Park Shin Hye and Moon Chae Won.I liked Seo Ye Ji in Lawless Lawyer, she did a good job.But I think she will be sidelined looking how they chose Woo Do Hwan over her for “Save Me”(which required even more acting depth than LL).Maybe she needs a powerful femalecentric role, than all the roles she has done so far for them to nominate her.

  8. I really can’t understand why this guy was voted ? In my opinion, he isn’t a good looking guy neither a very good actor. I know…he is tall but this must not be enough ti be pushed in the top

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