Soop Management Releases Pictorial of Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin Bringing Their CF A-game

Two of K-ent’s top stars doing a pictorial is always a treat to see but why is it not the same pictorial putting them in the same frame? Former drama costars Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin are both in new pictorials this week with a previous courtesy of their same agency Soop. More than a decade out from their Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy days, the two have crested the waves of acting, ratings, and box office success to the degree that more than validates their early potential. Gong Hyo Jin is even more of a chameleon onscreen than Gong Yoo whereas his cinematic charisma looms larger. Their latest respectively pictorials are quite cute, love their animated selves bringing so much life to the 2D page.


Soop Management Releases Pictorial of Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin Bringing Their CF A-game — 14 Comments

  1. kakaom just bought out soop so the goblin siblings & grim reaper are now in one agency. someone must put them in a movie together.

    • I loved her acting in “Master’s Sun” and her chemistry with Jo In Sung in “Its ok, thats love”.Jealousy Incarnate and Producers didnt do it for me.But I still think she is a great actress so I need to see her acting again.

  2. I love love love both of these actors! Their acting is just mesmerizing to watch. Hope to see them in a new drama together soon!

  3. Gong Yoo is really lovable,even if I don’t know him personally but he gives this aura to the others.

  4. I love GHJ But calling her a chameleon is such a stretch since she acts the same for every character she plays.

  5. Im so far behind the 8 ball never seen GHJ in anything only watched Jealousy Incarnate sporadically for Kim Ye Won’s character and GY in A man and a women but I absolutely loved that movie but I will watch her movie ‘Door Knock’ with KYW when it drops. And then I’ll go back to her past works.

  6. Agree she ‘mostly’ act the same un every drama. But i really do love her in Producer. A drama where she was not ‘I AM POOR BUT I END UP WITH RICH GUYS, FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING’ character. I understand the story wasnt that great, but she was really great in Producer. At least, she tried different character in drama. Well, she played various characters in movie. You know, the actress who acted in My Golden Life (co star of PSH), she reminds me of GHJ in term of visual, but that actress tries more characters in drama. And her 30 but 17 with Yang Sejong is really good. I hope GHJ will comeback with something new. A baddass female character probably. And act with her buddy GY.

  7. Gong yoo is one of the best Korean actor that I will cherish…he haven a lot of talent…I hope he will do a new kdrama or movie this year

  8. Love Gong Hyo Jin…her acting was different in a movie called “Missing”. She is an awesome actor, so natural, and brings in the cash and ratings for the shows she’s in. Hope she has something coming soon.

    • I agree.In movies, she tends to have more variety in acting than in drama.See her movies ‘Missing’, ‘Love Fiction’,and ‘Crush and Blush’ for reference

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