Movie Child Actress Kim Sae Ron turns 18 Years Old

It’s her birthday and I don’t think Kim Sae Ron will be crying even if she wanted to. The youngest of the three Kim child actresses dominating the last decade of K-dramas and movies turned 18 on July 31st, with a 2000 birth year following in the footsteps of oldest Kim So Hyun born in June of 1999 and then Kim Yoo Jung in September of 1999. Unlike her two older unnis, Kim Sae Ron hit peak child actress fame not on television with drama roles but in one breakout movie lead role in The Man From Nowhere with Won Bin, and has followed that up with a more robust movie career and doing about one drama a year. I love her lovely aura and distinctive features, she looks exactly like she did as a kid ten years ago except all grown up into a young lady now. Good luck in her adult role transition and hopefully she keeps picking good acting projects.


Movie Child Actress Kim Sae Ron turns 18 Years Old — 9 Comments

  1. I’m currently watching Secret Healer and loving her in it. She actually is a good actress and I have to say, I love that her face is natural. She looks fresh, pretty and her nose is adorable (I think many of the young actresses get similar noses due to plastic surgery, something odd but it is something I realised).

    • Which young actresses? Cause from what I’ve noticed child actresses still have their features from their old days

      • Oh you got me there. I’m a complete blank when I tried to name anyone. Maybe because I’m old, they all look similar to me. The only one I can remember is Yoon In Na, to give an example to the type of nose I’m talking about.

        Again very sorry that I fail to make my point come across.

  2. Absolutely gobsmacked at her performance in ‘Snowy Road’ and have just mad love and respect for her after watching that heart wrenching drama. And to think she was just 15 years old at the time. That girl is going to hit it big time if she continues with her talent and nous. What a treasure ?

  3. I find her really bland compared to the other too. Jut doesn’t radiate charm and charisma like them. High School Love On is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  4. My mom has only watched a few dramas but she watched Can You Hear My Heart a few years ago and really loved it and was really impressed by KSR’s acting since she was such a young girl.

    I had to show her this post and she was so surprised to see how big KSR has become and she kept saying how pretty she is haha. She made a very smart move focusing on movies instead of dramas and I wish her the best. She seems like an incredibly sweet young lady 🙂

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