SBS Airport Drama Fox Star Bride Confirms Cast of Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Dong Gun, and Kim Ji Soo

Screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung has finally melded her 2018 bipolar drama switcheroos into one drama with a now confirmed cast. Her upcoming SBS drama will be called Fox Star Bride but the story will be about people working at Incheon Airport. First she announced Fox Star as a healing romance, then decided to do a slice-of-life workplace drama called People of Incheon Airport, and now she’s decided to mash it together into an unholy combo of weird titled Fox Star Bride and rather boring sounding story about the personal and professional lives of people working at Incheon Airport. After multiple male and female lead names were associated with both dramas, this final Fox Star but about airport people drama will headline Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soon Bin, Lee Dong Gun, and Kim Ji Soo. Take off will be on the Mon-Tues time slot after Thirty But Seventeen.


SBS Airport Drama Fox Star Bride Confirms Cast of Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Dong Gun, and Kim Ji Soo — 19 Comments

  1. I’m not a big fan of Chae Soo Bin even if after I’m not a Robot that I couldn’t finish. She looks young next to the others actors, I hope she will be able to blend with them.

    I’m happy to see Lee Je Hoon and Lee Dong Gun 🙂

    • She really was awful in that drama. Her acting is really mediocre compared to her peers like Nam Ji Hyun, Gong Seung Yoon and Park Eun Bin. Can’t believe Le Je Hoon passed on Priest for this.

      • He passed on a project to do a drama by a writer who has delivered nothing but hit dramas for the last decade? How foolish of him!

        Also Chae Soo Bin had a double role in Robot, which I thought she did quite well at. She’s done a nice range of roles, I was really impressed by her villain acting in Sassy Go Go.

      • If you want to see how a real actor plays a robot you should see SKJ. Now that’s what is called acting what she did was nothing close to acting. She didn’t actually do any better in Sassy Go Go with her blank no expression bitch face.

      • ….you call her ‘no expression bitch face’ in Sassy Go Go?

        Did you even watch the drama or did you just read the summary and decided to say that based on her character description? Sorry if it pisses you off as an SKJ fan to hear praise of another actor doing the same thing but she was good in INAR and that’s a generally agreed opinion even in Korean comments about the drama.

      • @C – it is unfair to compare a doll-looking companion robot in INAR to the robot portrayed by SKJ. Why don’t you compare her to the “Terminator”? LOL… you are just ridiculous… hahaha…

  2. This looks like the most mis-matched casting ever. Gives me Lovely Girl vibes with the super old male and supporting leads but super young female lead. Couldn’t they have gotten an age appropriate actress for this one? There’s no shortage of them.

    • What does ‘age appropriate’ mean in this context?

      He’s 34 and she’s 24, that’s safely into adulthood and it’s not like the time he was 30 and cast in Secret Door with 15 year old Kim Yoo Jung (while oppa fans went “but he looks young! It’ll be innocent!” after finding that he was playing Sado and Kim Yoo Jung’s character had the name of Sado’s concubine). Also unlike Crystal, Chae Soo Bin….can act. That makes a difference.

      • Its your personal opinion she can act. Most people here obviously feel she can’t act at all. That’s an opinion I’ve also been seeing on Twitter lately. Her casting is the one that will ultimately pull down the drama even further which is a mess to begin with.

      • @C – Hmmm let’s see if you are right, the drama will be out soon enough and I will be happy to refer to this comment when considering how the drama is actually received in Korea.

        Anyway I stand by my opinion that the comment about ‘age appropriate’ casting is stupid and irrelevant when the younger person is in their mid-20s like CSB. The same goes for that Park Bo Gum/Song Hye Kyo drama.

  3. I’m getting a whiplash from the multiple changes on the writing. I just see an incoming trainwreck. I’m also not keen on the cast although I do like Lee Dong Gun.

  4. Never seen Chae Soo Bin in anything and don’t intend to start. If the scriptwriter was chopping and changing the storyline and title for this drama I’d hate to think what the set up is going to be and character synopsis for each actor. So I’m going to dedicate a song to them instead it’s Joan Armatrading’s ‘Drop the Pilot’ because I really don’t know how to take this. Best of luck ‘Fox Star Bride’ Sorry but that’s such a dumb lame title too.

  5. it would still be interesting if they got the real other side of people working in Incheon that many people do not know, romantic stories of people who are busy working at airports are still interesting if they do not exaggerate the story, and moreover the actors is more suited to the story out from mainstream romcom Korean drama.

  6. I am not a fan of Kim Ji Soo since Hwarang. Chae Soo Bin is a beautiful girl and seems not very bad in acting. But she really cant connect with any actor deeply so i dont really root for her and an actor she acts with.

  7. I see we have the next candidate for the title of ‘actually talented 20s actress who koalasplayground commenters will shit on and call a bad actress’, right in this post. But Chae Soo Bin is a massive upgrade in talent from the last candidate they offered this role to.

    Anyway Kang Eun Kyung is the writer of Baker King Kim Tak Goo, What Happened to My Family (weekend drama) and Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim which were all massive hits. The lowest rated drama she’s had is Gu Family Book and even that was considered successful. The only writer who’s had more success than KEK on public channels is Kim Eun Sook – this drama is a huge opportunity for the cast and they know it.

  8. What fuss with the age gap? As long as they look the part who cares about real age of the actors. CSB is only 24 but she can pass assomeone on her late 20s. I don’t LJH looks mature and can still look as someone on his late 20s. Only LDG looks really mature of the 3 lead actors but who know what he can bring to the drama.

    It is not like some other drama who’s lead actor looks like in his 50s but portraying a role in his early 40s & a female lead who looks in her early 20s or even younger but I think her character age must be in late 20s.

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