First Trailer for tvN Romantic Sageuk Dear Husband of 100 Days with Nam Ji Hyun and D.O.

Ooooh me likey, me likey very much! The first teaser trailer is out for tvN sageuk drama Dear Husband of 100 Days (Hundred Days Husband or 100 Days My Prince) and it looks so cute and pretty thanks to the palpable chemistry of leads D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Nam Ji Hyun. Both are very good at generating charisma onscreen, especially Nam Ji Hyun who is proven in sageuks and I am optimistic with D.O. based on this preview alone. The concern is that the drama is from the screenwriter of My Lovely Girl, but then she also wrote Can We Love, Scent of a Woman, and Dr. Champ. The drama is premiering the second week of September in the Mon-Tues time slot after Let’s Eat 3.

Teaser for Dear Husband of 100 Days:


First Trailer for tvN Romantic Sageuk Dear Husband of 100 Days with Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. — 13 Comments

  1. D.O is the best idol turn actor in SM ent. He wants to try acting, not bcuz he’s bad in singing.. No. Bcuz he loves and he can do acting. His vocal ability is one of the best in SM. Im not even an exo fan lols. But i like him and really wait for him to get this lead actor title thing. I respect him for not taking the lead actor title instantly. He learned and waited. Now, it’s time to shine more. Fighting!

  2. So… I wonder if the crown prince left the palace to be with Nam Ji Hyun for 100 days… Anw.. I am so excited, the story sounds really good. I hope DO can nailed as a man in love.. He is the best in serial killer expression, but I never saw him in romance genre before

    • I guess the Crown Prince got involved in an accident that made him go amnesiac (perhaps he hurt himself while trying to deflect an assassination attempt), so he unknowingly got married to Nam Jihyun and stayed with her until he regained his memories. Imagine the panic in the Palace…. ?

      • Oh right… I forgot about the amnesiac part. I guess this explain Nam Ji Hyun’s character description that says she is the oldest unmaried woman in Joseon and also oldest widow (?) in Joseon. But… If Lee Yool’s naration said that he can have everything except for one thing, I hope the story will not go into mello genre. Coz it obvious a crown prince can’t have a commoner as his queen, and from the teaser I guess he already bethroted to another (noble) woman?

  3. I’m excited for Nam Ji Hyun. Always wanted her to play the lead in a Sageuk drama and my wish came true. My only concern is the writer. Not the best choice of writer. I just hope the writer won’t butcher the plot.

  4. I have mixed feelings about the writer since I liked scent of a woman back in the day but she is also the one who wrote my lovely girl so anything is possible.
    I can’t wait and see since I am excited for Nam Ji Hyun in a saeguk.

    • Same. I think writers lose their touch when they opt for “mainstream” ideas. For example, the plot of the drama “Black Knight” was pretty lackluster, but I found out that it was the same writer as the dramas “Unkind Women” and “the Woman Who Wants to Get Married”. Both were great drama about middle-aged women or older and female friendship. So I hope this exceeds my expectations.

  5. I love Nam Ji Hyun ! She always has a great chemistry with her partners. I’m not sure about DO because he looks pretty young when she tends to look older than her age. But if he’s good, why not.

    I loved so much Scent of a Woman and the issue with My Lovely Girl was that Rain and Krystal didn’t have chemistry…

  6. Oh my God! That’s so intense. That smirk though, i feel like i can’t breathe. Can’t wait to see my favorite actor and actress together! Yashhhh

  7. I can already see D.O. out acting everyone in this drama. He’s a rare case of someone who is not only a brilliant idol but also a brilliant actor. There is nothing he can’t do. The absolute best of the 93 era.

  8. The cinematography is really amazing, befitting both the action sequences and the era, and the teasers showed well the two sides of the Crown Prince Lee Yul.
    I really liked the scene in the other teaser where Nam Jihyun came to see her husband at the Palace and she’s so happy but the Crown Prince, in his royal robes, look conflicted. It really fits with his narration, “I could have everything except for one mere thing,” and “I could forget everything except for one mere person.”

  9. I am so anxious to watch a saquek. There has been so little recently (Admittedly last year’s more didnt translate in terms of quality) and of the bat, this looks good!

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