Knowing Wife Premieres Around 5% Ratings But Dear Judge Still Leads the Wed-Thurs Time Slot

The new arrival in the Wed-Thurs time slot is tvN time-traveling or do-over drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Life) with Ji Sung and Han Ji Min, and the two veteran leads with a spotty drama ratings track record managed to debut with very solid ratings for cable. Knowing Wife premiered with 4.680% and then rose to 5.535% in episode 2. Leading the time slot remains SBS legal twins drama Dear Judge averaging around 6% which isn’t much of a lead, while the other two dramas MBC melodrama Time and KBS slice of life drama Your House Helper are really low in ratings averaging around 3%. Apparently episode 1 of Knowing Wife seemed too similar to last year’s Go Back Couple but episode 2 turned the narrative into its own unique stream enough the quell the grumblings of the uber finicky K-netizens and the drama appears to be on its well to a successful run.


Knowing Wife Premieres Around 5% Ratings But Dear Judge Still Leads the Wed-Thurs Time Slot — 9 Comments

    • I like it too. Although the fake judge kinda gets on my nerves. Yoon Shi Yoon is doing a fine job but both of his characters are not likeable. I guess the drama is to show his growth from a selfish thug to a responsible person?

    • No I like it too. So far its my favourite drama for Wed-Thu slot.
      The cast is great both leads Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Yoo Young and also the rest of the supporting cast.
      The drama also isn’t as simple as it looks. Its both comedic and melo and many slice of life situations and encounters.

    • I like it too even if i find the acting of fake judge a little too much. the actors are good. I have also a soft spot for Your house helper , it’s a relaxing drama . But i dropped 30 but 17 . Waiting to finish Life on Mars to try Knowing wife.

  1. Personaly, I like Your House Helper. I like the characters 🙂

    I didn’t watch Familiar Wife yet. I think the Time traveler theme doesn’t interest me for now.

    • Neither do I but I must promise you this time around it does very well. Episode 1 is little dull till last 15 mins but episode 2 is very very good.

  2. Familiar wife’s episodes next week will be more exciting and i am expecting increase in ratings to continue. Episode 2 has shown that it has limited similarities with go back couple. With the writer and director combination and solid acting from the leads especially from beautiful han ji min, hopefully they will lead the ratings next week:)

  3. I was worried that it feels too similar to Go Back Couple but thankfully, that is not the case. Still, I enjoyed the first episode. Ji Sung is always a delight to watch and Han Ji Min did well too. And I am quite impressed by N. His character is rather bratty but added a dose of freshness and dynamic to the story.

  4. I didn’t really care for the first episode of Knowing Wife because they made both leads unlikable (IMO), and they amplified their flaws too much. Couldn’t she just have been a harried, frustrated wife? Why did she have to be abusively angry? Why did he have to be such a loser? I think Go Back Spouses did a better job of showing regular people in a failed marriage. I’m sure the drama will get better though.

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