Lee Seung Gi is the Boy of Summer at Incheon Airport

I know this post is a month late but I’m a month late to see this airport pictures of my baby boy Lee Seung Gi jetting out of Incheon Airport. He looks like an adorable hot mess but perfect for his personality and for the jaunt on the plane. I’m also way over the glamorous look of Oh Gong in Hwayugi, I much prefer Seung Gi as the boy-next-door with backwards baseball cap and untucked shirt, though the librarian wire rimmed glasses is mixing things up a bit. Up next is another season of variety show Master of the House along with pre-produced thriller K-drama Vagabond with Suzy.


Lee Seung Gi is the Boy of Summer at Incheon Airport — 9 Comments

    • He look so thin in the picture…
      Where are those muscle gone sueng gi yaaaa…
      He should add a few pounds of dat in his cheek

    • Nothing wrong with him. He was seen with the glasses a few times, mostly on his off days. He already lost his chubby cheek post military service. He said he has been exercising a lot to prepare for Vagabond. He looks normal and tone-up in the latest episode of Master in the House.

  1. He has said in a few interviews and in Knowing Brothers episode that he is not joining New Journey to the West. You can watch him in Masters in the House ( All the Butlers)

    • Yea he’s not in the next season of NJTW, they’ve got PO as a ‘Guest’ for the season which makes me think if he will be in the next season (which will likely be filmed early next year) as he probably has schedule clashes for this season.

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