HK Singer Ellen Joyce Loo Passes Away After Battle with Depression

HK-ent is mourning the August 5th passing of 32 year old singer Ellen Joyce Loo. She jumped from a building in Happy Valley in Hong Kong after a very public battle with bipolar disorder and depression. She leaves behind her wife after coming out as lesbian a few years ago, despite all her record sales successes and award accolades Ellen was unable to win her mental health battle. Her record released a statement confirming her passing, asking her fans to remember how brave she was and how scary depression is as a disease. Ellen fought to combat the disease using many different methods and openly shared her fight with fans, and her label asks her fans to be aware of mental health problems around them and help or seek help when possible. My condolences to her family, friends, and fans for this tragic loss.


HK Singer Ellen Joyce Loo Passes Away After Battle with Depression — 7 Comments

  1. Mental health illness is such a horrible disease, it’s not an external pain but something that eats you away slowly from the inside until nothing is left.

  2. So many celebrities suffer from this condition the numbers are overwhelming including South Korea. I can only send my sympathy and wish them strength on a difficult life journey and get out of the industry if it’s not helping you find the happiness peace and self worth deserved..lots of love to these poor tortured ones who deserve so much more out of life than being judged and scrutinised every day of their lives.?

  3. only 32 times around the sun for young Ellen. I hope she is at peace finally.
    So very sad, so much promise, so much pain. In the end we’re all the same, just human and mortal, just trying to survive each day. When will the end come, we usually don’t know, she chose. again, so very very sad. There is always pain, but times of joy as well, so much joy never to see and experience again.

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