tvN Wed-Thurs drama Knowing Wife Leads the Ratings Pack and Breaks 7% in Episode 6

The Wed-Thurs time slot for the next month officially belongs to tvN drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife). The cable drama hit 7.259% ratings in episode 6, higher than the averaged half episode ratings of the prime time competitors Your Honor (Dear Judge) on SBS, the melodrama Time on MBC, and the family drama Your House Helper on KBS, with those three having ratings in the same ranking as I listed them. I love Knowing Wife solely for Ji Sung bringing every ounce of energy and sincerity he has, making me care that he has a do-over life but knowing that it can’t be as perfect as it looks and deep down he misses the marriage/wife that he found so stifling that he would choose a magical do-over. Han Ji Min is fantastic in this role, none of that annoying try-hard performance I found so cloying in Hyde, Jekyll, Me, here she’s just so personable it’ll be hard not to have Ji Sung fall for her all over again.


tvN Wed-Thurs drama Knowing Wife Leads the Ratings Pack and Breaks 7% in Episode 6 — 14 Comments

      • The text states KW got higher ratings than the competitors, which it’s not true! yes, it’s a pretty amazing for cable channel… but you must be new monitoring drama ratings, lol…

      • I do not monitor drama ratings, and have no intention to. Don’t go Literal on me, it won’t work. Hahaha…

  1. I also like Familiar Wife. It’s the only drama I’m watching after finally dropping Mr.Sunshine.

    Ji Sung is amazing as always and HJM is wonderful too and the two have great chemistry. Also, a special shoutout to N. He may not have that much screentime but everytime he speaks, he cracked me up with that adorable bluntness.

    I hope FW will continue to be interesting and delightful.

  2. The only drama I’m watching now too, since those other one doesn’t grab my attention. I’m loving their chemistry so much. I’m rooting for this drama to continue receiving good rating. Han Ji Min you go girl…prove them hater wrong because she is good at acting but the writer of Hyde Jykell and Me ruin it for her.

    • in my honest opinion, her acting is very bad in JH&M. That writer is bad, but her performance there is also very poor. A failure is a failure. I can fail in one test but pass another. This is all about efforts. Naive fan calls other a hater when clearly an F performance cannot be erased in history.

      • Agree 100%. HJ & M was a complete mess from start to finish in terms of writing and acting. It wasn’t just Han Ji Min that was bad, Hyun Bin was pretty awful in it too. Sometimes the leads chemistry makes up for bad writing but HJM and HB had zero chemistry. They were painful to watch.

        On the other hand, HJM is doing sooo much better in Knowing Wife she has totally changed my opinion on her acting. I am rooting for her character more than Ji Sung who is doing a phenomenal job as always. Well done to the leads and the whole cast!

  3. So happy for Ji sung he deserved with high rating better than life jtbc.Very disappointed with Lee dong wook he continue flop after rating hit in goblin. He can shine with second male lead but when he male lead just plain and boring. Cho seung woo never disappoint me after secret forest. I’m disappointed why he didn’t take first male lead instead.

  4. I cannot agree more. Han ji min is fantastic in her role. She is slaying as seo woo jin version 1 and version 2 lol. The only drama i am watching. Also, hyde jekyll and me is just really bad. The writer and director contributes big in the success of the drama. Just glad that people can see han ji min now in a different light. She can do well both melo and romcom given the right project. Looking forward to higher ratings. It is getting more intense.

  5. I’m not watching Your Honour, and I’ve just dropped Familiar Wife. I hate that the Drama says it’s OK for JH to be cheating on his current wife, just because his new wife is a shallow cow who’s also emotionally unfaithful to the marriage and because he’s still in love with his first wife. They COULD have had his marriage to HW (which he wanted and went out of his way to get) fail and be dissolved BEFORE he went after WJ, but instead, they show him as being utterly careless about fidelity to his marriage. A dealbreaker for me.

    That said, the Drama IS all about alternate universes, and that’s clearly where koala is writing from – an alternate Universe in which 7.259% is higher than 8.3% and in which getting the second biggest score means one “leads the pack”. Bizarrely non-standard use of both maths AND English in the same article. Brava!

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