Ji Sung Sends Refreshment Truck to the Set of MBC Drama Spring Night to Support Han Ji Min

K-actress Han Ji Min is on such a roll it’s like she’s driving a Porsche and everyone else around her is in a Pinto. It’s a three-peat for this veteran actress as her acting in currently airing MBC drama Spring Night is deservingly garnering positive reviews, this on top of her last bravura performance in the tearjerking Dazzling (The Light in Your Eyes) and before that the heartwarming Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife). Three totally different dramas and totally different roles and she’s knocked it out of the park in each. It’s almost like she’s giving a F-U to me and anyone else who said she was simply an awful actress, hard stop, after Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Mea culpa to the talented Ms. Han, that drama was the exception, her growing impressiveness is the real deal. I’m loving even more the support she just got from KW costar Ji Sung who sent his drama wifey a refreshment truck to the set of Spring Night in support. Heart, heart, heart! I’m also loving Spring Night now after yawning through the first two episodes, the two leads are written beautifully nuanced and the slow burn a satisfying meal to partake. Continue reading

SBS drama Return and tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Currently Tops 2018 Drama Ratings for Network and Cable

There is still three months left in 2018 and plenty can change in the drama ratings ranks but so far the tally remains comparatively low ratings for network dramas while cable continues to impress with how strong it is airing … Continue reading

Third Time’s the Charm as Knowing Wife Wraps Drama Run and Cast Attend Party

The conclusion of tvN time-travel and do-over drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) frees up on Wed-Thurs again after being fairly addicted for the past eight weeks. I tried to watch on the days it aired but wasn’t so engrossed that … Continue reading

Ji Sung and Han Ji Min Both Try to Change the Future Again as Knowing Wife Maintains High Ratings Through Episode 12

I haven’t been this addicted to a K-drama in awhile and couldn’t have found a more satisfying watch than currently airing tvN Wed-Thurs drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife). Leads Ji Sung and Han Ji Min have crafted characters whose fate … Continue reading

tvN Wed-Thurs drama Knowing Wife Leads the Ratings Pack and Breaks 7% in Episode 6

The Wed-Thurs time slot for the next month officially belongs to tvN drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife). The cable drama hit 7.259% ratings in episode 6, higher than the averaged half episode ratings of the prime time competitors Your Honor … Continue reading