Boy-Next-Door Ahn Hyo Seob Steals Hearts in SBS Drama Thirty But Seventeen

I’ve got a new young boy actor to add to my harem of rising cuties and it’s none other than Ahn Hyo Seob thanks to his performance in SBS Mon-Tues drama Thirty But Seventeen. Both drama leads Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun are doing a marvelous job but the surprise and sweet heart of the drama characters for me is the earnest puppy crush Ahn Hyo Seob has for the weird old but acting his age girl who stumbled into their world. It’s the kind of second lead role that begs to be loved and he makes it so much more than the standard nice guy helping out the girl he’s never going to get. I feel the friendship and the big heart he wears on his sleeve, and visually he’s just got it all with the height, healthy guy physique, and natural born good looks that don’t fall into the flower boy masses. Love him and can’t wait for his next role as leading man to Kim So Hyun in Love Alarm.


Boy-Next-Door Ahn Hyo Seob Steals Hearts in SBS Drama Thirty But Seventeen — 10 Comments

  1. He isn’t even confirmed for Love Alarm yet. But I hope he accepts. I think it would be nice to see him with Kim So Hyun.

    It’s still bittersweet he had to drop out of Clean With Passion For Now. But some things happen for a reason and I’m fine to see him with either of the two Kims in a drama. 🙂

  2. Awwhh Chan!! He is absolutely adorable in this drama – his character is like a ray of sunshine and he’s killing it in this role. I just dont want to see his heart broken so quickly. As Chan says ‘DON’T THINK! FEEL!’ 😛

  3. I think him and Kim So Hyun would be so cute together. They have the perfect height difference as well. I’m already excited for her travel reality show so I’m looking forward to their chemistry whenever it happens.

  4. I think he’s better suited to play young high school or college roles so I’m glad he dropped out of that other drama for this one.Its a great second lead role for him. It’ll be awesome to see him take yet another age appropriate role in Love Alarm.

  5. You should watch him in Queen of the Ring with Kim Seul Gi. He is adorable there and notable in Splish Splash Love as well.

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