Park Shin Hye Exudes Professional Feminine Charm in Swarovsli CF

The pressure that Park Shin Hye has carried for the last decade must be intense and immense. As a child actress she is all wide-eyed optimism and potential but the moment she embarked on being an adult contender in the cutthroat K-acting world then it was with extra scrutiny. There are those who think she always looks like a young teen girl, then others who think she looks way too mature for her age of 28 year, and honestly it’s hard to please the extremes and I’m glad she’s comfortable with her fandom in the middle. This latest Swarovski ad campaign really confirms for me that she’s visually going to be quite complementary to upcoming leading man Hyun Bin in Memories of Alhambra, since for all her dramas except for one her leading men have been in their twenties as well. As with her collaboration with Kim Rae Won in Doctors, she really can turn on the believable charm of a mature soul with lots of youthful visual charm.


Park Shin Hye Exudes Professional Feminine Charm in Swarovsli CF — 15 Comments

  1. I am in the opinion that of all her leading men, she had the best chemistry with Kim Rae Won. So, I don’t mind the age gap at all.

    • Actually, I agree with you. She should act with bigger age gap partners only. It might be also that she did immature teen dramas with the smaller age gap partners so she didn’t have as good chemistry as she had with KRW. But dumb shipper fans from stupid ships will of course disagree because they’re freaking delulu like Yongshinners and Minshinners. The worst ships ever.

  2. All her leading men in the past like Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Jang Geun Suk etc..only made her acquire the maligmant/annoying shipper fans.Kim Rae Won is the one whose collabo made people focus more on her acting skills and her character.So maybe working with the older men is more beneficial to her since she likes to do romance dramas.Now that they know she has a public relationship with Choi Tae Joon and she will be working with Hyun Bin(who is around the same age as Kim Rae Won).The shipping will be toned down a few notches.

    • I’d like to believe so. But I’m really afraid that she will gain delusional shipper fans again and they will end her boyfriend. What would be a better guarantee for her to move on is to gain a new fanbase that’s only interested in her acting career and not playing park Shin Hye’s mother/aunt and shipping and marrying her off to these men from their delusional ships. She got a lot of international popularity of YAB, Heirs and whatnot but she also gained hate and annoying shipper fans. She should definitely steer clear from acting with flower boys and choose more mature dramas and movies to get rid of childish fans

    • Perhaps it will get better now that she is in a public relationship with Choi Tae Joon so she doesn’t end up always being in a ship with her co-star. let’s hope so anyway. I would love to see her do more movies in the future.

      • Nah, shippers arise only because she has so much chemistry with her co-stars and it is only a phase of her career. She isn’t the only actress with annoying shippers. Audiences will see what they want to see in a ship so she shouldn’t taking shipping as a bad thing.

  3. I bet she is better looking in motion because it’s too unfortunate that she has the same expression with mouth half open in literally all of these pictures. It’s a shame because I remember she had some nicer pics with Elle Taiwan and Ceci. Why do female stars in kore keep doing that? Suzy, her, etc. so many stars

    • The chic/serious look is a high fashion concept that a lot of brands like swarovski will make their models do. Also, that is the concept for these sets of photos, if you look at some of the other photos swarovski released of PSH, she’s smiling and laughing.

    • I’m a fan of Park Shin Hye ever since You’re Beautiful.. But i think you’re correct, maybe that’s her photoshoot trademark- mouth half open, which is quite frustating??! …

  4. Park Shin Hye , looking beautiful , and classy in all her pics. Global model for Swarovski , love all her pics . She always delivery! Anxiously waiting for her collaboration with HB. Fighting , warrior!

  5. Classy, elegant Shinhye in Swarovski….
    PSH always did justice to her roles irrespective of costar…..
    Cannot wait to see her again in November in Memories of the Alhambra….

  6. I miss seeing PSH drama on my screen. The fact that she’s teaming up with Hyun Bin is quite a blessing. My first K drama was Secret Garden. My second was You’re Beautiful. I have watched everything they’re both in since then. Can’t wait for this one

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