Who Are K-dramas Best Ugly Criers – Past, Present, and Future

Kisses and tears are two of the more memorable aspects of K-dramas because the early Hallyu dramas piled on romance and misery in equally measure to create the world of K-drama melodramas as we know it. Over the years the crying has gone from contrived parental disapproval and/or terminal illness to a plethora of reasons to milk those ducts dry. We’ve got first loves thought dead and comes back to life, body-swapping martyrdom, rape trauma, reincarnation memories, an alien going back to his home planet, a mermaid going back to the ocean, a long lost brother who turns serial killer – these are but a few of the more unique reasons to sob one’s guts out and many a K-drama actor and actress have risen to the occasion. Kim Soo Hyun really stands out with his heaving sobs in The Moon Embraces the Sun but check out a sampling below of the more visually impactful cries.



Who Are K-dramas Best Ugly Criers – Past, Present, and Future — 34 Comments

  1. LMAO why am I laughing so hard? ??? Taking those screens shots out of the drama context make them so funny ?

    I have to vouch for Joo Won as the best ugly crier. It was kind of scary watching him sob in Gaksital because of raw emotions he put into that scene.

    • I second that! Lmao!! Joo Won was memorable in Bridal Mask because of his cry. Although it was an emotional scene I couldn’t help but laugh…

      • Gaksital was EPIC! Both him and park ki woong sobbing while riding a bike together will forever be embedded in mind foreverrrr, heart breakssss

    • Out of context they are super funny. I remember crying during most these scenes but now I can’t stop laughing seeing them as random screenshots LMAO.

  2. The most heartbreaking cry belong to Lee Seon Kyun in “My Ajusshi”. He didn’t look ugly and his breakdown shred my heart to pieces.

    On a seperate note, I thought that the most epic crier in dramaland is Jo In Sung? Fist in the mouth? Lol.

    • Alexa, I agree with you 100% on how hard it is to watch Park Dong Hoon’s breakdown in episode 16 of My Ajusshi. What a masterful performance from LSK. By the way, have you visited the fan site dedicated to My Ajusshi. If not, you must. It’s a treasure trove! Go to givemeslippers.wordpress.com

  3. For the record, Kim So- Hyun is the youngest among your list.
    Anyways, I really like Yoon Eun hye and Kim Soo Hyun’s acting especially during when they need to cry. Even, after these years, I’m still awaiting for their drama together.

    • It’s Jang Hyuk. He is actually one of the few pretty criers of Korean dramas. Because of his sweet eyes he looks beautiful while crying. But obviously not in this screencap though this scene was heartbreaking. This crying scene is one of the most parodied scene on the Korean comedy shows. ?

      • But where is Shin Min Ah though not that good in acting but she is a great ugly crier and Ji Sung?

  4. Lee Min Hoo hardly is the best… he is just plain ugly and his crying looks super fake and artificial. No emotions in his acting. Joo Won looks funny when he cries. Gong Hyo Jin looks super pretty to me when she cries.

    • Yes haha lee min ho crying looks the most fake among these even his acting is and i dont think jo in sung is that great of an actor too atleast he is good looking

  5. I can’t believe nobody chose Hyun Bin,I still remember how much I cried during this chapter and of course Gong Yoon too,he keeps all his atractive even crying.

    • I thought this article is to choose the ugliest crier… Gong Yoo is the most handsome crier, I agree, he is so attractive, which is the opposite of what this article asks for. Lol… Rain is the ugliest crier I think. LMH is plain ugly and he cannot act nor cry ?

    • So true Hyun Bin is amazing in this scene when he realized he might loose his beloved Ji Wonniee forever. How nostalgic, their love is so strong and so heartbreaking at the same time so heart warming too. Long live my beautiful couple.

  6. Those last two screenshots are especially hilarious.

    Based on these shots, Yoon Eun-hye’s crying looks the most natural to me. I’m generally not a fan of really melodramatic crying. I don’t remember what I felt when Kim Soo-hyun cried in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, but I do remember that his crying in You From the Stars felt over-the-top and fake to me, and I was shocked to read so many comments from viewers saying that his crying felt real to them.

  7. Kim So Hyun is super pretty but also devastatingly good in all her crying scenes! You can really feel her emotions in those scenes!

  8. Okay the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the article’s title was just laughing ? I mean excessive crying is really a thing in K-Dramas that sometimes it causes me to guffaw instead of being emotional because it’s sometimes over-done. It really has become an acting requirement next to kissing. But kissing in K-Dramas has no longer been mostly about the heat but rather “innovative” ways to make it attention-grabbing.

  9. I wouldn’t call their crying ugly but Lee Dongwook and Yoo Seungho seem to capture my attention because they get the emotional range required for a specific crying scene. I mean I sympathized with Lee Dongwook’s reaper in Goblin when he finally remembered his past life and his wife from that time.

  10. Pleased to see Yoon Eun Hye here. Even though it’s been years since she was in a Drama, for me, she’s still the best crier and best kisser among female actors, though the rise of cable Dramas is challenging that latter title these days 🙂

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