Rain and Kim Ha Neul to Star in Disney+ Produced K-drama Romance Thriller Drama Red Swan

When I heard this casting news I had to double check that these two top stars have never worked together before and yup this is a first but a long time coming. Rain and Kim Ha Neul will pair up on the small screen for the Disney+ K-drama Red Swan. She plays a top golfer married into a chaebol family who is going through the motions of life. He’s the company hired bodyguard who saves her life and makes her rethink her world while he has hidden motives for joining the company. Sounds like a romance, melodrama, thriller basically a high end makjang but hopefully with modern and fresh twists. Rain also does tortured romance like no one’s business hello A Love to Kill anyone? With the year half done I expect this drama sometime in 2024.

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Song Joong Ki and Other Stars Attend 2022 International Emmy’s as The King Affection Wins Best Telenovela in a First for a K-drama

The Korean drama expansion continues into the end of the year as the K-ent contingent made their presence known at this week’s 2022 International Emmy Awards. Not to be confused with the Primetime Emmy’s which are more prestigious covering top … Continue reading

tvN Mon-Tues Fantasy Medical Drama Ghost Doctor with Rain and Kim Bum is the Surprise First Hit of 2022 with Ratings Increases Each Week Through Episode 8

I’ve been meaning to start my Ghost Doctor watch but January 2022 has been a blur so it’s still on my to-start list. But every time I see snippets posted by tvN on its various SNS accounts including Facebook and … Continue reading

tvN Mon-Tues Body Possession Medical Drama Ghost Doctor with Rain, UEE, Kim Bum, and Son Na Eun is the First Premiere on Jan 3, 2022

The whirlwind that was December 2021, with so many dramas competing on the weekend time slots, controversy, and year end awards wrap, I lost sight that tvN medical drama Ghost Doctor was premiering this Monday. It’s arrival on January 3 … Continue reading