The Leads Bring Their Melo A-game to Stylish Posters for Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky

K-ent loves to keep casting untried idols in dramas so it’s even more important to be reminded once in awhile of why having an established actor headline a drama at least guarantees tangible results. Case in point the just released drama posters for the tvN adaptation of Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) with leads Jung So Min and Seo In Guk nailing their acting cues. Body language, hand position, their expressive eyes and coiled intensity, I can sense their attraction to each other but it’s not simply romance. The second poster brings in second male lead Park Sung Woong who takes an antagonistic stance towards Seo In Guk as if the camera panned out from the first picture and we see that he’s pulling Jung So Min towards him and away from Park Sung Woong. Nicely done, tvN, you captured the mood of the original dorama twilight darkness just right.

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The Leads Bring Their Melo A-game to Stylish Posters for Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky — 10 Comments

  1. The 3 main leads alone are strong enough to bring the A-game. There is totally no concern when comes to acting, the only concern now is how this K-remake can level up to the original version and perhaps add up the extra freshness into the story.

    On a separate note, Jung So Min is so pretty and I am so proud that she is doing so well.

  2. I’m so glad they casted solid actors for all leading roles. I hope it’s a hit so that it reinforces the fact that casting mediocre idols is not the only way to get solid ratings.

  3. I think I’m the only one who is concern. I’m not one of those who nitpicky when it comes to acting in other genre which is less challeNging.. But This is a melodrama. I’m not sure if they will bring it given their performances in their previous project. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

      • 2018 no bashing him acting all the same in every drama. 2021 you hate him, acting all same in different dramas. take your meds loser.

  4. I watched the original long time ago. So I have a question: In the original, Park Sungwoong’s character was Jung Somin’s brother right?

  5. These posters are amazing. I am looking forward to this drama so much!!! Melodramas are one of my favorite genres especially when its done properly. TSHLYE has 3 solid actors (Jung so min and Seo In guk are two of my faves) and I know they will bring their A game. And it helps that the leads will have awesome chemistry. JSM is a chemistry magnet.

    I would be concerned if drama aired on SBS, KBS or MBC but I trust TVN. TVN has been consistently delivering amazing quality dramas over the past few years. I am confident they will deliver an awesome KDrama and they have a solid writing and PD team.

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