Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young in Talks for Early 2019 K-drama Romance Supplement

Just as I wrote about Lee Jong Seok likely to enlist in 2019 and may be going on military break with While You Were Sleeping as his last major K-drama (he has a short drama coming with Shin Hye Sun), he goes and gets himself positioned for another drama to come. This may be cutting it close considering that recently Yoo Doo Joon had to leave drama filming for Let’s Eat 3 before it was done but hopefully Lee Jong Seok’s side can do match and figure they can squeeze one more in.

And clearly he’s going to do this drama tentatively titled Romance Supplement because the leading lady in talks is none other than his stated actress ideal Lee Na Young. I’m sure men find her beautiful and her acting has received compliments in the past but goodness Lee Na Young has been so underwhelming in every drama I’ve watched with her from Ruler of Your Own World to Ireland to Fugitive: Plan B, she’s like a limp noodle with limited to no charisma whatsoever onscreen to keep my interest. The drama is from the PD of Life on Mars with the screenwriter of I Need Romance and will air on tvN in early 2019.

The drama is set in a publishing house and involves the leads who grew up together and find love as adults. If Lee Na Young accepts this will be her first drama in 9 years since Fugitive, and honestly she’s not the one-half of her married couple duo with Won Bin that I, or probably most people, want to see in a comeback acting role.
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Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young in Talks for Early 2019 K-drama Romance Supplement — 33 Comments

    • Yeah the writer and director will blame lee jong suk if his enlistment make drama early soon. Better he not taking this drama.

    • How does the military work anyway? Sometimes celebrities make it sound like they have a choice on when they go when they say things like “I’ll go after [insert drama/movie/concert/promotion] or when they get in a scandal, their agencies immediately sends them off to the military. Then, there’s some that has to drop out of projects because they got drafted, meaning they have no control on when they go.

      • They get summons that can be postponed but a month or two ago they cut back on the age limit that’s why a lot od celebrities can’t postpone any more.

  1. I have the same feel about her as koalas. She just so underwhelming in all her roles I’ve seen. They are not a good pairing, visual wise.

  2. Grew up together? She is much older than him and it’s visible. If they don’t plan to make them older women/younger guy, even in their “childhood” better not cast actors with such diffidence. They should try to go with actors of the same age.
    I also think there is too many dramas with big age gap already.

    • No, apparently they did not grow up together. Apparently she will be a divorced and unemployed women (but very qualified and intelligent) who will go to work at the traditional publishing house, where he is the youngest editor the company has had.

      • @go what incredible people! Haha Please, can we start a pleasant conversation? Do you think we can have a friendly and warm conversation? ?
        Why look for the negative part? Well,let’s ser. When I read the argument, it does not say that is the handsome editor (although for my LJS is handsome), but if it is said of a very intelligent person despite being a young man. Oh, I almost forgot it, he also spends a lot of time teaching his students (therefore, he is a very busy person).

  3. I think its still an upgrade from Suzy though.I mean the pairing in WYWS.LJS is a noona killer too.I think he has better chemistry with older actresses than the ones younger than him.I liked his chemistry more with Lee Bo Young and Han Hyo Joo who are older than him.Than his chemistry with Park Shin Hye, Suzy or Jin Se Yeon.The only younger actress than him who I thought had better chemistry with him to me was Kang So Ra.I think he will work even harder for this drama coz he is her fan.

    • I think Lee Na Young is overall a good actress but she didn’t have the charisma to shine for length of 16 hours of a mini-series and her drama characters were poorly written .
      I think her acting style doesn’t suit drama audiences taste neither in the movie world she was considered a promising actress. I don’t claim that I can tell good and bad actors apart but her directors and co-stars used to praise her for her work.
      I think she will do well and she also has good comic timing.

      • I don’t know about dramas as I have not watched any of her’s but she is one hell good of an actress at least in her movies. She has even won the prestigious Blue Dragon Award and for people who love melodrama she gave a brilliant performance in Maundy Thursday too. Lastly I don’t know about the admin but she has received immense praise for Ruler of your own world. That last sentence was rather rude. Many people have been waiting for her comeback too.

      • Ah that’s why park seo joon become more popular right now, b cause he’s already doing military service before he started career.

      • Yes, it was a serius injury to his knee. And it was during this rehabilitation period,which lasted several months,where he saw so a lot of television that he decided he would like to be an actor.

  4. I love Lee Nayoung and her films. She has a indie movie coming out and the trailer looks interesting. I agree with koala her drama’s are underwhelming hoping this one is ok since this is her comeback in drama since fugitive plan b.

  5. She is neither particularly talented or pretty. I find her very weird looking with a too long neck and its worse when she doesn’t have a bang to cover her huuuge forhead. And definitely too old for lee jong suk!!!

    • Again LJS fans at it. Thanks for reminding me why LJS fans are the worst. The original reason why I started disliking LJS. He is too young for Lee Na Young and he looks too plastic, compared to Lee Na Young

      • I know right? Lee Na Young is more than pretty. She is classic beauty with simple elegance who doesn’t need plastic surgery or heavy makeup (she is mostly with light to sans makeup). Plus she can outact LJS any day. These fans have not watched her earlier works and movies like Maundy Thursday, Dream and more.

    • I find him too young and weird-looking for a beauty like Lee Nayoung. Seriously he gets paired with the prettiest actresses all the time but I always have trouble watching his dramas because of his face.

    • You might be on the drugs because Lee Na Young looks very pretty in the motion. She is not ‘still beauty’ like Suzy and Go Ara both of whom look akward in motion. LNY uglified herself for her roles.
      Her acting style is understated and she won Blue Dragon award and was nominated for another. Sorry but it’s Lee Jong Suk needs to improve a lot in acting department and he looks plastic.

    • LJS is not handsome though with plastic surgery neither he’s a good actor he’s lucky to have hit dramas and gain fans like yours

    • Lol she is a natural beauty who doesn’t need PS and extra af makeup like your oppa and she can out act him any day. She is a winner of the Blue Dragon Award so watch her works before commenting. Also her long neck and small face have been features of envy so stop being ageist. Latly she is the wife of the male god WonBin and the korean public found her perfectly good enough for him so if anything I say LJS is not good enough for LNY both in terms of visuals and actiing chops.

  6. I never thought that handsome can be associated with Lee Jong suk, no offense but he isnt handsome in any sense to me.He is cross eyed, has weird thick lips, poses weirdly in glossy mags, and sooo white that makes him feminine. Although he can act in my opinion, and knows how to use his charms. He can be cute, but never will be handsome for me.He is childlike too and damn lucky to be paired with Korea’s prettiest and A lister actresses. He knows how to choose dramas and co stars but he is actually ugly in my standard of handsome.

  7. I have not seen any drama or movie of LNY, but even so I would love that they could work together in this drama. I know she is the favorite actress of LJS. I read that the plot has to do with people who work in a publishing house. I like books,so this already aroused my curiosity.

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