Sageuk 100 Days My Prince Breaks tvN Mon-Tues Ratings Record and Owns My Heart

I have a new K-drama addiction and thy name if 100 Days My Prince (Dear Husband of 100 Days). It is soooooooo good, like everything that made Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and The Moon Embraces the Sun winning from the start and hopefully will maintain it’s perfect narrative spooling. Leads D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Nam Ji Hyun are pitch perfect in acting and chemistry, and thanks to the child actors setting the stage beautifully for them the transition is tight and gets the audience right to rooting for the leads to live happily ever after and all the baddies to get their comeuppance.

The childhood love story portion is sweet without being cloying and ends on such a shattering note, but then the humor remains as the crown prince turns into a raging asshole (and who can blame him) while our spunky fallen heroines makes do with life and turns into a spinster thanks to a very ballsy marriage proposal she received as a child. But of course life throws her man back into her world and thanks to his own stupid edict and a convenient memory loss we’re going to have fake married hijinks leading to real love. I can’t wait, this drama is so so magical to watch and the audiences agree as episode 1 started with 5.026% ratings which went up to 6.199% by episode 2.

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Sageuk 100 Days My Prince Breaks tvN Mon-Tues Ratings Record and Owns My Heart — 17 Comments

  1. Yes! This is my new crack. It has a fast-paced storyline with interesting characters. Love Nam Ji Hyun and her fiesty character. I can’t wait to see them in their fake marriage with lots of fun hijinks. 😀

  2. I’m stoked too! What a great pairing! These next few episodes should be especially delicious. I’m just worried about the ending…

  3. This is not directed at Nickie. It’s just my new 2018 pet peeve: drama fans getting all worked up or fearful of “endings” at the very start of a drama.

    • There’s good reason! Last year’s Queen for Seven Days and The King Loves started with light-hearted, sweet scenes, and they ended up tragically. It’s something k-drama does very much. These dramas had good quality throughout, but there were many which started beautifully and then started dragging towards the end, finishing with a really “meh” episode. I could quote “Pretty Noona who buys me food/ Something in the Rain” and “About Time”, but there are many others who disappointed us after setting our hopes high. As if the writers run out of steam. Oh, right. I shouldn’t forget to mention “W”. Up to ep.8, it was on a very high place in my list of my ten best dramas ever. After that, it went downhill and I was upset for a long time.
      So don’t blame us for being wary.

  4. I am loving this already. A good balance of politics, angst, humour and romance so far. The final minute of episode 2 is simply daebak – the dummy with that princely strut is simply too cute. But please, can we still have Do Ji Han for the remaining 14 episodes?

  5. LOVE IT! It just felt a bit weird watching D.O. because I’m an EXOL but nevertheless everything is superb! I do hope this becomes phenomenal and the cast and the production team gets the merit they deserve. Wonderful! I’m watching this and Mr. Sunshine right now.

  6. I am a bit scared of this one… why only 100 days… what happens after? Is this a hint of a tragic ending kind of like 7 days queen (a knew from the title I shouldn’t watch it – but I did watch it and it broke my heart!!)

  7. Heo Jung_Eun becomes this generation little princess. Her acting is better than some adult actresses.
    Between 100 days bright brave girl personnel and that scary character of Ghost Detective , I am wowed by her acting.

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