D.O. Catches COVID and Filming Halted on Upcoming Legal Drama True Sword Battle with Lee Se Hee

Oops, another blip in the filming radar but these are becoming commonplace and may even be built into production time lines from now on. D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) has joined the ranks of the COVID-19 positives and he’s currently asymptomatic and at home in quarantine. He’s been filming the legal drama True Sword Battle which despite the title is not a sageuk but a modern day story. His leading lady is Lee Se Hee who continues her rise to mainstream leading lady banking off the weekend success of Young Lady and Gentleman to headlining a high profile drama with D.O. Hope this filming gets back on track soon and D.O. gets a swift full recovery.

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K-ent Discusses the Dearth of 20s and 30s Line of Lead Actors for 2021 Dramas, Hope Return of Lee Jong Seok, Park Hyung Sik and More as Rain in a Drought

K-ent had an article this week about the “drought” in the drama industry with lead actors in the 20s and 30s age range. All that are considered experienced with successful hit dramas under their belts are all unavailable for various … Continue reading