OCN Supernatural Thriller The Guest Premieres to Solid Ratings for Effective Scary Story and Cinematic Visuals

The newly premiered OCN Wed-Thurs drama The Guest (or Hand: The Guest) feels like it came one month late. It should have premiered in August during the traditional lunar new year ghost month because it is hella creepy and thoroughly perfect for sending shivers down the spines of viewers. I’ve watched the first two episodes and loved it but goodness is it legit creepy and bloody. Domestic audiences loved it as well as episode 1 premiered with 1.575% and episode 2 nearly doubled that with 2.902%. Congrats to OCN for another supernatural procedural hit and to the two male leads Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook for being pitch perfect in their respective roles as a psychic shaman turned taxi driving detective and an exorcism performing priest. Jung Eun Chae is the weak leading lady link but it doesn’t detract from the well produced visuals and really interesting story about a menacing and psychotic ghost killer that has impacted the three leads lives since childhood as they band together as adults to finally take him down.

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OCN Supernatural Thriller The Guest Premieres to Solid Ratings for Effective Scary Story and Cinematic Visuals — 11 Comments

  1. Kind of agree with koala on the female lead. Like she wasnt convincing enough as a cop but im really thinking it might be the writers fault. Let hope she’s not bad it just kind of weird….its pretty late I’ll fix this later

  2. I love Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook, but I am too much of a scaredy cat to watch this. I hope the drama continues to do well though!

  3. Absolutely love the first two episodes. Very atmospheric and scared the crap out of me but I could watch 100 episodes of this stuff, so long as Kim Jae Wook get more screentime. I could do without the lead actress tbh. Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Lee Won Jong are all in need for this drama.

    • I’m halfway through the first episode and I had to stop. I’m watching it between my fingers with the sound turned down. I’m normally not like this but, this is too much.

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