Joy and Kim Sa Rang Swallowed by Solid Colors at Valentino Event in Seoul

I applaud couture brand Valentino for having a clear vision for its fall 2018 collection, too bad it’s a pretty badly designed one that piles on when it should be pared down. Korean stars Joy of Red Velvet and actress Kim Sa Rang attended the brand’s Seoul event this week modeling two different outfits clearly from the same fashion collection. Joy was in all red, and boy was she in ALL red in an overly layered look that piles on shirt, pants, skirt, and coat with flower petal edges. Kim Sa Rang was wearing a black and white dress with the same block color and flower petal edges but the smock effect wasted her insane model figure so she looked like a modern take on a deconstructed nun.

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Joy and Kim Sa Rang Swallowed by Solid Colors at Valentino Event in Seoul — 7 Comments

  1. its funny personally i think joy’s outfit is a layered mess by itself but somehow she manages to pull it off but kim sarang’s outfit looks relatively simple but is supper unflattering on her

  2. Yeah on Kim Sarang, makes her look wider. If white is over black maybe it would look better. The sleeve made the look wider or proportion way off . Also, the white color behind black pushes it forward. So even if shes slim, it looks unflattering.

  3. Poor Kim Sa Rang!! I mean you gotta make that money but its a No!! She has such a well proportioned body but that outfit is ruining her visuals.Joy is swimming in that outfit.Hope no one actually wears that on the street.

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