Kim Rae Won and Gong Hyo Jin Cast in K-movie The Most Ordinary Romance and Reunites 15 Years After K-drama Snowman

It’s been 15 years since two very young K-actors was first starting out in their acting careers when they had a chance to work together and now they get a chance to reunite on the big screen. Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Rae Won are cast as the leads in romance movie The Most Ordinary Romance which is just described as a very ordinary romance between leads who are thirtysomethings. This reunites the two talented actors from K-drama Snowman from 2003 where she was the teenage female lead and he was the second male lead forever pining for her while she had a crush on her much older brother-in-law played by Jo Jae Hyun. Dang now that K-drama is neigh unwatchable with Jo Jae Hyun’s sexual misconduct scandal from earlier this year. Plenty of viewers wanted Gong Hyo Jin with Kim Rae Won anyways so I’m very happy to see them featured for The Most Ordinary Romance and cast in age-appropriate and experience equal parity.


Kim Rae Won and Gong Hyo Jin Cast in K-movie The Most Ordinary Romance and Reunites 15 Years After K-drama Snowman — 19 Comments

  1. Age appropriate partner with matching acting level and a reunion, looks like a drama to look forward to. Kim Rae Won should choose his projects well and pick dramas with actresses that match him. Shin Se Kyung was not just a great partner. Black Knight was an unmemorable mess too.

  2. Wow great news!Age appropriate leads, music to my years!

    So tired of noona dongsaeng romance or much older male lead with young female lead.

    I only wish this is a drama instead of a movie!

  3. Looking forward to Kim Rae Won new project. Great actor, manly look and behavior, very professional, confident, takes his career serious, and with great respect for his supporters and fans. Does not settle or/and allow cheap media play to be relevant in the industry. Hard worker. Wish him all the best.

      • Lol, the industry is full of male actors who do that, subtle sexual harassment. Like accidentally touching co-actresses body, touching in a ’’friendly, bickering’’ manner, putting actresses into awkward position. Saying quite unprofessional things and reducing co-actresses into accessories. Unfortunately, fangirls will still excuse male actors’ behavior because they’re ”handsome oppar’’. KRW used to have another scandal too, in room salon with a pub girl, he allegedly went violent against her. But that one was unconfirmed? Anyway, he’s definitely to be side-eyed. It’s a shame because he does Park Jung-hwan types of roles really well. I can’t buy his rom-com acting that much but he plays morally ambiguous characters really well.

      • Do you believe this? This news isn’t coming out of K-netz. The video was posted by someone who knows Chinese. If he was like that why did PSH personally invite him to act in Doctors with her? Also, watch the full video of PSH and KRW. He whispered something in her ear prior to her folding her arms before the hug. So, she knew he would hug her. Also, why would someone of such high status such as GHJ want to work with him if he is like that???

      • Well haha saw the video. Something wrong he could have seriously pulled by waist but he touched the boobs. Its the attitude that bothers. Well about park shin hye you never know what he said in her ears. And about the big shots in this industry what you see is never the truth. The big shots of industry are completely different from what you see on social media. If you think more cfs more ig followers and high ratings are big name then you people are really naive.these people can easily be butchered if they offend the high level people. I have my hunches but i think lee jong suk has been on someones radar. I think other names too but im not so sure

    • Never knew he’s such a creep. These senior actors know who they can and can’t take advantage of. He will not touch Gong Hyo Jin.

  4. Park Shin Hye has been in the industry for many years ( it is small within SKorea), and she will never work with a creep person, that does not respect women, either her agency S.A.L.T. will allowed that, she can pick and choose who to work with, and to my understand as she stated on many interviews , she waited for him to finish filming to do the drama with her. The respect , collaboration , understanding of each other as actor/actress and their acting were so great, that Shin Hye herself said that “ Doctors drama help her to get her confidence back” , on her annual drama award speech. He belongs to the circle of friends she hang out with, per her IG posts. I genuinely believe in Park Shin Hye common sense, integrity, values, and mostly her worth, then to settle herself otherwise.

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