K-netizens Discuss the SBS 2022 Year End Drama Daesang as a Two-way Race Between Kim Nam Gil and Namgoong Min with Nods to Lee Jun Ki, Seo Hyun Jin, and Kim Rae Won

It’s tough that of the three public channels in South Korea really only SBS had a good year. With the slate basically done it’s time to look at the contenders for Daesang at the Year End Drama Awards for 2022 and it’s looking like a two-man race between Kim Nam Gil for Through the Darkness and Namgoong Min for One Dollar Lawyer. The former has been lauded for his performance and the drama also got rave reviews but aired at the very start of the year and also didn’t get high ratings while the latter got buzz, ratings, and solid reviews but isn’t as prestigious of a drama. I’d give to Kim Nam Gil but let’s see how the network hands out the prizes. Also in discussion for the Daesang are Lee Jun Ki for Again My Life, Seo Hyun Jin in Why Her?, and the most recent arrival Kim Rae Won for The First Responders.

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