Nam Ji Hyun in Esquire Korea Discussing 15 Years in K-ent From Child Actress to Female Lead

I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since K-actress Nam Ji Hyun debuted in the early Hallyu says as one of the child actress wunderkinds. She’s navigated the path to adulthood both in her personal and professional life with grace and smarts, never getting into any scandals and always picking worthwhile projects. Her first adult role in the ensemble weekender What’s With My Family was a huge ratings hit and also a fun warm drama worth watching. Since then she’s picked diverse projects and now has another huge hit on her hands with sageuk romance 100 Days My Prince which is breaking tvN’s own Mon-Tues time slot record. I’m losing interest in 100 Days as it’s nearing the end due to the slow movement on plot but hopefully it’ll have a super satisfying ending to make up for the middling middle section.


Nam Ji Hyun in Esquire Korea Discussing 15 Years in K-ent From Child Actress to Female Lead — 28 Comments

  1. Wonderful actress. I loved her in Shopping King Louis and Suspicious Partner. I have yet to start 100 Day my Prince, but I am looking forward to it. For now, The Smile has left your eyes has my whole attention.

  2. I am not a huge fan of hers but I must say she is one of the lucky few child actor/actresses who have transitioned well into adulthood.But it also helps that she has a mature look compared to her counterparts and is a good actress.This is why they can pair her with Seo In Guk, Ji Chang Wook or guys closer to her age like Kang Ha Neul and D.O. and still she has chemistry with all of them.I have yet to see her in an awkward pairings like the ones the Kim trio or the guys lile Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Goo and others have had in recent dramas.

  3. i just found out today that shes 23 years old,, OMG, she looks older compared to her age. I thought she and IU are almost same age..

  4. I like her a lot more so in ‘What’s with my family’ and her pairing with Park Hyung Sik and then ‘Suspicious Partner’ with our JCW. As for her voice never really bothered by it as I read the sub titles.

    • I agree! I remember only the chid part in Will it Sknow for Christmas. I wanted the story last in the past. The same with Angel Eyes, she had a great chemistry with Kang Ha Neul.

  5. I love her! She has a great chemistry with all her partners! She had a smooth transition between child and adult characters.

    I stopped 100 Days My Prince but not because of her. She’s really beautiful in this drama.

  6. She’s good at picking her projects unlike other child actors her age. She’ll become huge like Moon Geunyoung and Park Shinhye in the future.

  7. Been a fan of hers for a while – she’s very good in a wide variety of roles. I like her voice – nothing wrong with it and it’s genuine (as a C-drama fan, I can appreciate real voices after watching dub shows for a gazillion years). After Jang Nara, she’s the only actress where I enjoy most of their drama. I enjoyed all her works from the past few years: 100 days is odd mix but enjoyable, Suspicious Partner was great; King Louie was fun and ‘What’s with my family’ was also very heart warming family drama.

    • Honestly, some k-actor/actress voices are really bothersome to hear even when the actress is otherwise ok (Uee is just one example, it’s usually idol-actors who have the worst vocal tones) but Nam Ji Hyun is not one of them.

      • yes agree. Uee, Suzy, Yoona, Hyeri are all horrible in their speaking voice. And their singing is not that good either… LOL.

  8. I love her so much and I am happy her career is doing so well. I am not a big fan of the 100DMP plot but I loved all her previous ones and I can’t wait for her to pick different genres of dramas.

    • She is a good actress. She looked beautiful in 100 days. I watched all her dramas and I love her. She looks bright and friendly. Hope to see her soon in her next project

  9. I love her, she’s talented and charming and deserves all her success and more.

    I’d rather see actresses like her rise to the top with works in which they deliver good performances in and pull their own weight, instead of ‘cf queens’ who rise through media play and only take roles in big-name dramas with high-profile costars so they can have an ‘actress image’ for the cf ₩₩₩ despite being unable to act.

  10. I think she’s an underrated actress. She deserves more recognition for her work. I love her smile. She’s really beautiful and has an amazing chemistry with all her costars. I also like her voice. I want her to make appearances in reality shows or host a talk show, I won’t mind listening to her all day. Hope to see more of her in the future.

  11. im a new fan of Nam Ji Hyun. i just “discovered” her in mid 2019 in Suspicious partner. after that i binge watched all her drama. SKL, 100 Days my Prince and i just recently finiahed watching 365 Repeat the Year, where she displayed another brilliant performance. Now i am one of her avid supporters.
    Hoping she will be more wuccessful in the future

  12. Nam Ji Hyun made me fall in love with k-drama because Suspicious partner was my first. Then I was obsessed with her acting and binge watched 100DMP,SKL on netflix. Waiting for Repeat the year to be availed. She is such a brilliant actress wah…and her humility is so unique. She is just out of this world…protect her AT ALL COST

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