Jeon Ji Hyun a Perfect Mix of Flowing Hair and Chic Outfit at Stonehenge Jewelry Event

K-actress Jeon Jin Hyun made an appearance at the Stonehenge jewelry brand event and it was a case of the model overshadowing the merchandise. Covering this perennially stylish actress provides cues to aging gracefully – pick a look that works and stick with it and do so with confidence and impeccable fashion taste. Without the latter it just looks stale but with the right attitude it comes across as intentional and knowing. Jeon Ji Hyun’s known for her long hair styled basically the same for over a decade and at this event she was asked to fluff it just so to show off her Stonehenge necklace and bracelet, a gesture she pulled off gracefully. I also love her outfit, the black button down providing the contrast to the multi-hued pattern pencil skirt with middle slit.


Jeon Ji Hyun a Perfect Mix of Flowing Hair and Chic Outfit at Stonehenge Jewelry Event — 8 Comments

  1. I love how she always looks cool without even trying and is able to hold down her wife/mother keeping her home life very private vs actress/model/ celeb persona for the world to see. My wish one day is to see her with her hubby and 2 gorgeous boys in a photo shoot and yep I’ll be very happy when that day arrives.

    • Yeah, I was just going to comment that almost all the pictures show her doing something with her hair. Did someone tell her to actually fluff her hair to showcase the jewelry around her neck, bracelet and rings?

    • I feel like her hands look big because her face in the same frame is so small lol. Otherwise they don’t look particularly large, especially in proportion to the rest of her body – she’s a tall woman to begin with.

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