OCN Supernatural Thriller The Guest Gets Over 4.8% Ratings in Final Episode After Great Run

I’m so sad to say goodbye to OCN Wed-Thurs spooky thriller drama The Guest but goodness does everyone need a break from the intensity and sadness. I think all the leads Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, and Jung Eun Chae need counseling after doing this harrowing and emotionally draining drama, but seeing them happily buddying around during the filming comforts me that they were able to separate the characters when not actively filming a scene. The Guest is easily one of the top 3 best K-dramas I’ve watched this year and stands out for being expertly directed and daring to go so dark and hopeless to tell a shiver inducing tale. The last episode was ahhhhhmazing with an ending that is the well-earned sliver of hope when one had thought all hope was lost. The drama is reportedly getting a movie version and I’m also onboard for a season 2, give me more of the three misfit ghost fighters!


OCN Supernatural Thriller The Guest Gets Over 4.8% Ratings in Final Episode After Great Run — 9 Comments

  1. Yes I am here because I’ve cried buckets over this. It has been my go to drama these past few months and I’ve never been disappointed once. If they are making a movie oh please keep the original cast. All actors and creative staff were on fire and if none of them get nominated next year then I’ll be confirmed in my conviction about K drama awards being rigged for sure.

  2. This drama is soo intense and isnt afraid of killing chars. Altho the ending is not very neat and kinda bulking all the revelation in one scene, but the acting and the all around atmosphere and ambience is so good that I hv no prob with it. I love the friendship of these three broken people and that the only female in it actively does something and stick them together. In short, love it.

  3. Omg the show was just amazing! I absolutely loved it, even when I had to peak thru my fingers sometimes! Absolutely awesome that it dared to go so dark and intense <3 Loved the characters, the scary but riveting story and the actors really brought their A game and more. I have always loved Kim Jae Wook and I liked Kim Dong Wook but had no idea what an acting powerhouse the latter really is, he totally blew me away! And finally a show that delivers in the last episode including a perfect ending, I really couldnt be more happy! Totally agree that it is one if the best dramas this year!

  4. Loved this drama intensely. I cannot imagine any other actors doing such a wonderful job as the 3 of them. Kim Dong Wook was great in conveying his emotions… although i wasn’t a fan of Jung Eun Chae in the beginning she did a wonderful job in holding her character in creating harmony with the 2 male leads. But i think the best goes to Kim Jae Wook who made the audience feel his pain,his emotions and his faith. Final scene could have been a little better and there are still some unanswered questions but i gu3ss it leaves room for Season 2. Please bring back the trio for season 2 and also for the movie if its ever to be made in one. Amazing cast and crew… sad for it to end

  5. this drama owned me!
    jec has been my fave girlcrush for a few years now, though i’ve never really seen her do much as an actress (even criminally underused alongside kang dongwon, go soo in psychics), until now. but i loved all three characters (and the actors playing them) to the point they felt like family. I’m so sad to see them go. so much so, i’m saving the last 3 eps so i can savour them properly.
    season 2 will be brilliant, with the same cast!

  6. Love the leads but love the supporting actors more! The ones who acted possessed were soooo good even the young girl. Enjoyed every episode!

  7. I was not very interested in who is PID but I loved the scenes with our trio saving possessed people.

    It was really a great drama. The first episode was very creepy but after it was more manageable :p

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